Wardrobe Picks No. 8

Another week of what I wore…I tried a few new things this week.

Monday, black pinstripe pants, green tank, black cowl neck belted sweater, Newport News heels.
I bought these heels years ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever worn them. They have an ankle strap as well, which you can’t see here. Sorry for the blurry pic.
Tuesday, pink and white top, black pants, mules.
Wednesday, black cardigan, teal tank, grey pants, Glaze heels.
These are my new shoes…I love them!! They are so fun. I think I need to clean my mirror too!
Thursday, mauve tank, jacket, black skirt, Nine West Mary Janes. I love the sleeves on this jacket, but I’m having it taken in, because it is definitely too big.
Sapphire jewelry.
Friday, green and black skirt, black top, Nine West heels. I had my book club Friday night, and I got a lot of compliments on my skirt!

Green glass heart necklace. Gift from my sister-in-law.

I love what I wore Monday and Wednesday. I think they fit well and I felt good in them. I think once I get my jacket taken in, it will be a great piece. Overall, I am pleased with what I wore last week and feel like I’m getting somewhere with putting together new outfits. This week I’m going to be trying out a few new things that my new friend, Sandy, suggested. Stay tuned!


Wardrobe Picks No. 7

I am behind in posting my wardrobe picks from last week. Honestly I was so tired by the end of last week that I just didn’t get around to it. So, I think my picks last week did get a little better overall. I also straightened my hair for the week, so that made for a fun change too.

On Monday, I decided to try out pairing yellow and gray together. I don’t own any clothing that is yellow, so I tried to add it in via my accessories. The pants are actually gray, though they look black in this photo!
The purse is Baby Phat.
My Gianni Bini Viper heels.
And my canary Swarovski crystal necklace (made by me).
Tuesday, I decided to wear a blue twinset that has beaded embroidery at the bottom and my black pinstripe pants. Nine West heels.

And the jewelry…

Wednesday, I tried something different. I have a whole bunch of tops like this (basically one step up from a t-shirt). This type of top is basically what I used to wear everyday in my old job – untucked. So, I tried wearing one of those tops, but tucking it in, pairing it with a pencil skirt and adding my new metallic belt. Belt is from Target. Shoes are Nine West. I think the outfit was pretty successful, and allowed me to dress up a rather casual top.
This is my “feathers” necklace. It’s made up of individual silver “feathers”.
Thursday, I wore a skirt I’ve had for a long time that I just love. It is basically a khaki color background with black, brown and olive accents. I used to have an olive sweater that I wore with this, but that top got way too big. So, I haven’t worn my skirt in a while because I didn’t know what to wear with it. I dug through the back of my closet and found this cowl neck black top that I thought worked well with it. Nine West heels again.
Decided to wear my pearl/diamond jewelry that Eric gave me for Christmas.
Friday, not a great choice. But, as you can probably tell by Friday I am tired and not very creative. Maybe I should pick out my Friday outfit earlier in the week? I wore purple heels with this.

Mystic Topaz jewelry (birthday gift from Eric a few years ago).
So, this week I found a few things that allowed me to try some new things. I am glad I found that black top at the back of my closet. Also glad my belted outfit worked out well too. Back to my normal crazy curly hair next week (well, this week, since I’m behind).

Style Book Review: Fabulosity

I recently finished reading Kimora Lee Simmons’ book, Fabulosity. After seeing her reality show on the Style network, Life in the Fab Lane, I was curious to know more about her style philosphy. I thought I’d share what I thought of the book, since I’ve been delving a lot into trying to transform my own style lately. Kimora has two fashion lines, Baby Phat and KLS, as well as her perfume and makeup lines. You have to give it to her, this woman has made her mark in a lot of different areas.

Basically, her book focuses on five key components: Confidence, Uniqueness, Independence, Luxury, and Generosity. She often gears her advice towards younger girls wanting to begin in the modeling scene, and pulls from her own experiences. The main items I zeroed in on were fashion and creating your own style, as well as the luxury aspects of living that “fabulous” life. There were ideas that were eye-openers to me, such as personal branding…a signature style that is all you, and claiming your space. I have spent so much time trying to be small and not to take up space, that this was a real lightbulb for me. By claiming your space, you announce your worth. I think this is heavily tied in with your personal style, by taking care to look your best you announce your worth to the world and to yourself.

For claiming your space, she advises the following:

  • Heels, heels, heels. My motto: Four inches, no less.
  • Carry an extra large bag in cherry, emerald, or orange – not beige, not camel, and definitely not black.
  • Wear a dramatic coat that almost demands someone help you take it on and off.

Kimora discusses various aspects of her business as well as the modeling business. Since I am primarily addressing my work attire currently, how to dress professionally, and yet stylishly, is definitely a concern for me. She gives a few tips on dressing for success, such as

  • More skin=less power. Find other ways to say “fabulous” other than exposing lots of body, such as interesting silhouettes, sparkling accessories, and shoes that make heads turn.
  • Get creative with conservative dress codes. If you’ve got to wear a suit, see it as a blank canvas on which to express your style. Wear a feminine cami-top underneath in a vibrant color, add a striking pin to the lapel, or cheat the rules with a softer cardigan-style top paired with a pencil skirt (very 1950s chic).
  • Scuffed, banged up shoes are an instant image-buster. Keep those shoes maintained and know when to downgrade them to weekend status.

And finally, Kimora’s Fabulosity Five-Point Fashion Manifesto:

  • Style is a form of self-promotion.
  • Developing a style is like your brandmark; it’ll get you noticed and remembered.
  • Fashion bestows authority and power on the wearer: dress to impress, and you’ll be taken seriously.
  • Great style says, “Here I am! Pay attention to me!” I value myself enough to put effort into this, and you should too.
  • Style is individual. Style is subjective. Nobody can grade you on it.

I enjoyed this book and it did cover a whole lot more than just fashion (finances, business, giving back, etc.) I definitely learned quite a bit from the book, and realized that developing my own style, be it in the way that I dress, or the way that I decorate my home, is all about appreciating and sharing who I am. It is about showing the world that I value myself, and that I’m worth paying attention to and getting to know.


Wardrobe Picks No. 6

Another week of outfits to report. I am really trying to mix up my choices and not wear the same old things all the time, but I’m finding it difficult. There’s nothing I want to do more than go out and buy an entire new wardrobe. But, since I am still losing weight, I am trying to invest my money in shoes and accessories rather than clothes that will have to be replaced soon anyway. So, I’m making due.

Saturday night, Eric took me out to dinner. I decided to pull a dressier top out of the back of my closet to wear. I think this is bordering on being too big though, so it may have to go soon. Pity, since I love this top. I wore it to our rehearsal dinner. I also opted for wearing sandals to dinner. My feet, after being in heels all week, were tired.

Monday, black top and cream linen skirt. I wore my new Circa Joan & David heels.

Thought I’d show a back view, since the detail of the skirt is on the back.

I wore my pearls with it. I haven’t worn my pearls in absolutely years. Until recently, they were too tight around my neck to wear, which was unfortunate. I did wear my pearl earrings at my wedding though. It felt so good to wear them again.

Tuesday, I was inspired by the black and white stripe top Carrie wore in Season 4, and it reminded me of a top I had.
I pulled it out and wore it with black pants. I think the fit on this top is not the greatest. I had it pinned also, which looks terrible, now that I see it in the photos. But, I do like the top, just wish it fit better.

I wore my red ombre Guess heels with it, which I adore.

And my garnet jewelry, which I designed and had made (necklace, earrings and ring).

Wednesday, I wore my green twinset and black and white linen pants. I wore my Nine West heels I love so much with this. I also wore my new bracelet.

Thursday, I took my inspiration from this outfit of my friend Sandy’s over on Pop Sugar.

I wore my blue top, white eyelet skirt and Ralph Lauren heels.

I think my lessons this week were that I need to focus on fit. If something isn’t fitting correctly, I probably shouldn’t wear it. I also learned to pull from inspiration to keep me out of a rut.


Happy 4th!

I’ve been focusing mainly on fashion lately in this blog, so I thought I’d take a moment and share a little bit of holiday decorating for a change. Life has been so crazy hectic lately, that focusing on my home has been way down on the priority list. I was reading through posts on one of my Yahoo groups the other day, and saw a gorgeous patriotic quilt someone had posted a photo of. I was immediately inspired to do a little decorating. Apparently, Eric was inspired too because he brought home a flag for us to put outside. Our house already had a bracket installed, so all we needed was the flag. I love how it looks outside against the crepe myrtle.

Since it was a quilt that inspired me, I got out my Stars & Stripes table topper that has not yet been quilted. I decided it was just fine to use as a wall hanging in the dining room. I just took down the Kimono quilt and hung it on that same wall. I really should get this quilted! It’s such a fun piece, it seems a shame to have it languishing in a box.
This is a photo of the quilt that inspired me (though not the actual photo that did). This is Victory Garden by Jo Morton. I’d really love to make this quilt!

Here’s another beautiful one, called Rally Round the Flag (also by Jo Morton).

I added a few more little touches around the house. Not a whole lot, just enough to make me feel like I was re-energizing our home a little bit.

Supercalifragisexy – SATC The Movie

Of course all my recent SATC posts have been leading up to a post about the movie itself. Everyone and their dog has reviewed and discussed the movie ad nauseum, but I thought I’d put my two cents in as well. I loved the film. A girlfriend and I decided to see it at a local Studio Movie Grill, so that we could order cocktails and appetizers to add to our movie-going experience. I dressed up for the afternoon, not super dressy, but heels, etc. I was shocked at how many women were there in Birkenstocks and the like. Maybe I am in the minority of women that dress up to go out? Especially for a movie that revolves around fashion, you’d think (at least I would think) that everyone would put a little extra care in what they were wearing. Not so much, it seems. Anyway, we had a fantastic time, and by the time I was finished with my first Lemontini, I was fully absorbed in the movie. Loved it!

Since the rundown of all the clothing and accessories from the film has already been overdone, I’ll just post some photos as a little scrapbook of fashion and inspiration!

Tory Burch mini dress and Monolo Sedarby Zebra-Print d’Orsay heels. Love these!
Of course they show up again later. I love them with the red dress.

I love Charlotte in the white dress and nude heels. Carrie’s outfit is fantastic. I love the pink shirt against the white pants and vest. I may have to pull this one as an inspiration outfit! Frankly, they all look amazing here, even Miranda.

This is a fabulous look as well, I love the combination of the dress, feather bag and nude heels.

Ferragamo Pheasant-Feather Bag Handbag

Manolo Blahnik Open-Toe Mary Jane shoes

Adding booties to my wish list.

I love that yellow with the gray too!

And I’ve already mentioned how I would love a white faux fur coat.

That studded belt shows up everywhere…I may need to find mine and start wearing it!

I can’t miss mentioning these…the Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Fishbone Shoe that Samantha wore in her Valentine’s Day sushi scene.

The girls…

This was such a fun scene with Carrie trying on her outfits from the past.

And another fun scene…I’d love to go with girlfriends to Mexico!

I love the colors in that photo, that purple is fantastic!

One of my favorite outfits in the film was this one. I love the belted top with the grey skirt.

Proenza Schouler’s triple strap python studded heels. Of course, there is a waiting list now for these shoes!

This is another favorite outfit. I have a similar something I think I can pull together.

Dior Cut-Out Platform Sandals. These gladiator-style sandals are all the rage everywhere I turn right now. Most places I’ve checked are sold out of anything remotely similar. I, of course, have a pair on the way to me. When I first saw them I wasn’t overly excited by them…but the more I look at them, the more I began to want a pair. And, of course I need them for my inspiration outfit!

Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower Bag Handbag. Supposedly the one in the movie was embellished with Swarovski crystals and glitter. I love this nod to Paris from the last season.

And, see how much use she gets out of this same pair of shoes?!

I really do love that the same accessories are reused (in the series as well). It adds that element of what a real person would do, have something in their wardrobe that they use over and over again. Not all new, all the time. I like that. (See the shoes again!?)

Of course, no post on the movie would be complete without a photo of Carrie’s wedding dress. I wish that there were photos of the other dresses from the Vogue shoot out there on the web, but alas the web has been letting me down lately!

I can’t leave off without mentioning the star of the film…

Manolo Blahnik “Something Blue”.

I can’t wait for this to come out on DVD…I’d love to see it again. Stay tuned for some inspiration outfits, once my shoes arrive!