A Week in Photos

4/19/09 – 4/25/09

This week had some great photos. The first photo of Shiva and Kwan Yin is one of my favorites. After the living room redo, both of these ended up on top of our entertainment center, with my favorite piece of pottery behind them. It’s one of my favorite things to look at in the room.


Monday night I headed to class at church again and I liked how this angel looked with the iron fence in the foreground.


The scrimshaw for my Catherine Theron workshop came in the mail this week. These are made from old piano keys. They’ll be so pretty with my class pieces once I finish those.


Every night that I go to school I pass by this apartment complex that reminds me of a Southern plantation. This 365 project was intended to be a way to get me to take more photos and in some cases it was a reason to finally stop and take a photo of something I’ve been thinking about shooting forever. I was glad that I finally stopped the car and took a few shots. The flowers in the center of the drive are lovely.


I especially loved the running horse weathervane. Makes me think of the Derby.


I love my window office. It looks out onto a courtyard, and while I mostly end up watching squirrels, there is the occasional feathered visitor. This pair of doves spent a long time perched on my tree today.


And here’s another example of finally just pulling over the car and taking photos. I have wanted to get some bluebonnet photos for years and just never did. I pass this patch of them on the way to work. I finally just pulled over one morning and practiced a bit with my macro setting.

Bluebonnets 4

I’m so happy with how these turned out. And I’m so happy that I finally stopped the car to get some bluebonnet photos!

Bluebonnets 1

And to round out the week, on Saturday we went to Turner Falls, Oklahoma to celebrate our third anniversary. I was excited for an opportunity to take some photos outside of my normal stomping grounds. You can see them here.


A Week in Photos

4/12/09 – 04/18/09

I visited my parents for Easter lunch. Afterwards, my niece had some pretty strawberries. She couldn’t figure out why I wanted to take a picture of them though! (too bad it’s blurry!)


My sister brought my mom these pretty tulips.


And after lunch my sister and my niece dyed Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs

Monday nights before my class I have a habit of going to Wendy’s for dinner for some chili and a caesar salad. I always bring a book with me. You can see I decided to take a break from Pillars of the Earth and read a little Sookie. (How much do I love that the cover of my book is glittery?!)

Dead Until Dark

And many nights, when I get home from school, I spend them like this. With Romeo on my lap.


This is the skylight in our master bath. I love to look up when I get out of my shower in the morning and see the blue sky. It’s a good way to start the day. So here’s my little Patch of Sky.

Patch of Sky

I try to collect a charm for my charm bracelet that represents all of our travels. I’m a little backlogged though. I have several that still need to be soldered onto my bracelet.


And I spent some time at my friend Sherri’s house. She has so many beautiful roses in her garden.

Red Rose

Multi Color Rose

And a pretty windchime.

Wind Chime

Sherri and I were cutting wood for some frames we are making together.

Framing Day

You can see the photos from the end of the week here. Mmmmm….mojitos!


Another Week of Photos

Photos from 4/5/09 to 4/11/09…


You may remember I mentioned this new necklace of mine in a previous post. I love it… and strangely enough, I’m loving this photo of me too!


About a month or so ago, my good friend Jennifer came and did a total redo on our living room. I need to gather together the before and after photos to show. One of the main things she did was arranging everything on the two bookshelves in this room. This is my favorite shelf…now dubbed the “Havana Shelf”.

With a Bang

I had to title this one “With a Bang”. I was enjoying a rare indulgence of one of my favorite things – Coke.


A week or so prior to me taking this photograph, I was driving into school and saw a photographer shooting a model with this building in the background, about the same time of day. I’d have loved to shoot her as well, because she was gorgeous, but instead you just get the building.

White Coconut

And do I need I reason for this photo? It’s a white coconut…enough said.


I love this one. We were going to dinner at Eric’s parents’ home and decided to bring a bottle of wine with us. This bottle is one of several that we purchased and had shipped home from a vineyard we visited in New York. This is a lovely dessert wine and I’m glad we have another bottle. What a wonderful reminder of our trip.

Easter Orchid

Eric bought this beautiful orchid for his mother for Easter. I loved the way it looked in the morning light through the kitchen window.

More 365 photos coming soon…


Sunday Night Cocktail – Manhattan


Another week, another cocktail! I was suffering from migraines two weekends ago and so I abstained from the liquor this time. Eric was forced to drink alone, so I learned how to make his favorite (for now) drink, the Manhattan.

Wikipedia states of the Manhattan that “It has been called a drinking man’s cocktail—strong, urbane, and simple. It has also been called the ‘king of cocktails.'” Typically made with Whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters it is served either straight up or over ice in a lowball (or old-fashioned)glass and garnished with a Maraschino cherry with a stem. Wikipedia also mentions that “A popular history suggests that the drink originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early 1870s”.

Eric’s Manhattan consisted of three parts Glenlivet 12 year old Single Malt Whisky to one part Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth and a dash of bitters. He took his over ice with two cherries. Using Scotch Whiskey technically makes this a Rob Roy, but nonetheless, he ordered a Manhattan and I was happy to make it for him.


A Week Behind

Past Celebrations

So, I am a week behind in posting my 365 photos, or maybe two weeks behind? It’s all running together these days. What I’m finding is that some days, it is so easy to find things to photograph and the photos are good. Other days, I’m taking a photo at ten o’clock at night of whatever I can think of just to have it done. Those are often not so good. But I’m learning. And I think that over the past few weeks I’ve definitely taken some good photos. I’m going to keep posting them in this format (one post per week of photos), for now. But, in the future I may change that up a bit. It seems like the photos themselves would be better served in another way. I don’t really have a favorite from the week (March 29th through April 4th), it was a difficult week for photo taking for whatever reason. Just wasn’t feeling it. The photo above is of champagne corks that I’ve saved from some of our special occasions. I’ve put these in my “coming along” French guest bath, that I talked about here.

Fried Apples

On Sunday nights, Eric often makes homemade burgers for dinner. One of the new foods he introduced me to when we got married was fried apples. They are soooo good. Eric made them with our burgers that Sunday night. Fried apples consists of apples, raisins, butter, cinnamon and maybe a little sugar. I’m not sure on the sugar. But they are lovely.


You may remember the Vespers we made for our little James Bond fest. I have another Cocktail post I need to do…boy, I’m behind! I thought this was kind of a cool photo, although dark, of the Vesper with the hookah in the background.


These little pansies were at my Monday night class. My grandma would say “Aren’t their little faces sweet?”. They do remind me a bit of those flowers in Alice in Wonderland. I like the sunlight and shadow on them though.


And this is William. I bought him when our local museum had an Egyptian exhibit here, with pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. William is a replica on an Egyptian faience piece that is in their collection. You can see the original here…since mine is a bit blurry (one of these days I’ll figure out that Macro setting). William sits on my desk at work and adds a bit of color to my days.

So those were my photos from, when was this? March 29th through April 4th. I’ll be back soon with more, since I’m way behind on posting them.


365 Photos

032509 Rain with Leaf

Rain with Leaf

As part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days, I decided that I would photograph my journey. I plan to take photos every day for at least the next year, preferably the next 1001 days. I wanted to do this 1) to document and 2) to improve my photography skills. I’ll be posting my photos on this blog weekly. I was originally going to choose one photo from each day, but then I decided that I ended up with several from each day that I liked…so I’ll just post them all. I may decide in the future to just go with one…but hey, that’s my prerogative.

Below are the week’s photos (March 22, 2009 through March 28, 2009), but my favorite of the week is at the top of this post.


032209 Before


032209 Morning

032209 Beginning

032309 Pillars of the Earth
Pillars of the Earth

032409 Rain Drenched Sky
Rain Drenched Sky

032409 Still Life with Avocado
Still Life with Avocado

032409 Columns

032409 Evening Commute
Evening Commute

032509 Morning Commute
Morning Commute

032509 Purple Heels
Purple Heels

032609 Decisions

032609 Advice

032609 It's Now or Never
It’s Now or Never

032709 Kimbell

032709 Book Club
Book Club

032709 Kimbell Musicians
Kimbell Musicians

032709 Kimbell with Sky
Kimbell with Sky

032709 Kimbell Walkway
Kimbell Walkway

032809 Model Accoutrements
Model Accoutrements

032809 Potstickers at BJs
Potstickers at BJs

032809 Ghiradelli