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A Week in Photos

5/24/09 – 5/30/09 You can see our yummy grilled pizzas here… Otherwise, a rather slow week in photos. For some reason, this sign at Café Brazil always catches my eye. I think I just like the colors in it. And you may remember my recent Chanel purchase? Well, here is Cosmic Violine on my toes. […]

Week in Photos

5/17/09 – 5/23/09 Sunday night at dinner, Eric indulged me by making our favorite salad – Caprese – with fresh basil from the garden. Delicious. I’m still kicking myself for not having this in Rome. But at the time I was anti-tomato. What was I thinking?!? I remember buying this little book for Eric the […]

My Inner Carmindy

Recently, I observed my sister doing her makeup and she had in her possession a shadow palette of fabulousness. Although I love my go-to shades in their little MAC containers, I am always on the lookout for something that will add a little variety to my makeup toolkit. Enter the above new purchase (made prior […]

Week of Photos

5/10/09 – 5/16/09 I love these zen-like photos that I took over by my dentist’s office. I love the leaves against the texture of the wall. Eric loves cherries, and I thought they were so pretty in a white bowl. Photos from 5/14 can be seen here… And on my way to book club. The […]

An Artful Display

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity. My friend, Jennifer, called and invited me to come to an open house that she was taking part in along with several other artists and interior designers. There were beautiful things to buy as far as the eye could see. Every room was filled with such exquisite treasures. […]

Three Years

On April 8th, Eric and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. As a reminder of the Rose Ceremony that was a part of our vows, Eric brings me a single white rose each year. It is a renewed promise to each other. Eric made a wonderful dinner for us that evening, as our anniversary fell […]

Artful Readings

I am off to book club again tonight, which I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, the book for tonight was less than stellar in my opinion. The book we read for tonight’s selection was Old Masters: A Comedy by Thomas Bernhard. I think the interesting parts of the book could have been slimmed down to […]

Get Into the Groove*

First things first, I need to discuss my 365 photos. I am still taking photos everyday, and I’d like to think I am getting better at it. But, as I may have mentioned previously, the weekly photo overload is not necessarily the best way to highlight my burgeoning talent [ha ha]. Anyway, I decided that […]

Sunday Night Cocktail – Hpnotiq Blue Breeze

Eric is not so much a fan of the fruity, umbrella-laden cocktail. So, when I mix up a batch of anything requiring coconut rum and sunscreen…I drink alone. I’ve been rather remiss at researching what we’ll be drinking prior to six o’clock on Sunday night. I’ll have to rectify that situation. Because really, we’re gonna […]

A Week of Photos

5/3/09 – 5/9/09 Just a mismash of photos this week. I finally bought lemons for my new rooster bowl that Julia bought us for our kitchen window. I love this so much. My neighbor doesn’t do a lot of lawn care, so sometimes I get a little surprise coming through the fence between our yards. […]


Cherry with blossoms by tanakawho, on Flickr You may remember that I recently started a new 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge, and in that post I talked about wanting to finally put that last piece of the puzzle in place – being a healthy weight. So, since it’s been on my mind a lot […]

A Week of Photos

4/26/09 – 5/2/09 I started off the week by making one of my favorite things – Taco Soup. I got this recipe forever ago, I think off a blog, and then Eric and I have modified it to suit our tastes. It’s a great thing to make on Sunday and then have to take for […]