Upcoming Adventure


So we’ll be heading off soon for beachier climates (I won’t say warmer, because really 100+ is warm enough, thank you very much). I’ve been trying to get myself organized and ready to go, taking care of all the essentials.

Hotel reservations at what promises to be a fabulous place to stay
A Cuban restaurant that looks amazing and yummy
Wide-brimmed hat to protect my delicate skin *snort*
Versatile white handbag
Sunblock with SPF 7000
New cute shorts that will be perfect for daytime walking and touristy things
Camera batteries charge and media cards cleared and ready to go
A new book, perfect for reading on the plane

And of course, a new manicure in OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot.

La Paz-itively Hot

I can’t wait! I’ll have fabulous photos to share soon!


Week in Photos

6/21/09 – 6/27/09

See the White Russians here

Clementines and La Paz-itively Hot here (I am so excited for our trip, my week started out with photos of a tropical nature!)

And middle of the week stitching in my new Vera bag in the Night Owl pattern. Love it for carrying my stitching. And who can pass up little owls. That’s one of my creeper projects in the bag (with a finished artichoke bed peeking out).

Miller Bag

And to end the week, I participated in my first photo walk! You can see the photos from the Dallas After Dark shoot here. I’m so pleased with the photos I took!


Sunday Night Cocktail – White Russian

White Russians

There’s something about a White Russian that brings me back to my college years. Somewhere in between shots of Jager and Tequila Sunrises that my buddy Felipe made for me, the White Russian holds a special place in my heart. And every so often at a bar I’ll see someone order one and then I get nostalgic and wax poetic about life in the gool ol’ days when my jeans were covered in charcoal from my drawing class and the soundtrack to Henry & June was in my cd player while I smoked and wrote and lived my artist’s life.

Ah, White Russian.

1 1/2 oz vodka
3/4 oz Kahlua
3/4 oz cream

Pour the vodka and Kahlua into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.

Gently top with the cream.


Third Anniversary Trip – Turner Falls


As I mentioned in this post, Eric and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in April. It’s been a tradition these past few years for us to take a trip for our anniversary. Eric and I both love to travel and explore new places together, so an annual trip is an excellent way to celebrate our marriage. This year, our trip had to be moved slightly to the end of April, due to our schedules. In fact, our schedules have been so jam-packed over the past year that I really didn’t think we were going to be able to swing a trip. But, Eric surprised me by planning a day trip to Turner Falls in Oklahoma.


We had perfect weather, and the drive up was pleasant too. That’s one of the things I love most about these road trips…we get the chance to just enjoy each other’s company without the distraction of housework, cats, family, work, etc. It’s just us.


Turner Falls is located in Davis, Oklahoma in the Arbuckle Mountains. The park has nature trails, natural swimming areas, caves and picnic areas.


With my newfound interest in photography, I was excited to get the opportunity to try out some new things. On the drive up, Eric taught me a little bit about some different settings on my camera. I just have a point and shoot, but I am hoping that as I get better with my photography skills, I may be able to upgrade and make the upgrade worthwhile. Eric, being the amazing photographer he is, puts my photos to shame…but I really enjoy learning from him.


Also what I think is fun is that he and I are drawn to different things when we shoot, so we rarely end up with identical subjects in our photos. I also have a habit of shooting Eric while he’s shooting, which has become a fun past-time for me, when I’m not handing him lenses. haha.



While Eric and I are not so much the outdoorsy types, we found in Philadelphia that we really enjoyed these parks that include nature trails. Of course, nature trails often involve climbing, sliding, picking your way through the underbrush, straddling fallen trees and cursing.


By lunchtime, we had really worked up an appetite. We sat down near the falls and enjoyed the chicken salad sandwiches Eric had made that morning and our refreshing bottles of water. We just relaxed and watched the people swimming at the base of the falls. It reminded me of the falls in Maui, and how much I’d like to take Eric there some day. Of course, those falls are not really a comparison.


After lunch, we did some more walking and found one of the caves in the park. I didn’t go up in it, but Eric did (it required pulling yourself up to it by a very unravelled rope). And on the way down from where we’d climbed up to get to the cave we were met by a couple – the male of the species had on no-shirt and flip-flops. He was carrying a Big Gulp cup with what I assumed was beer in it. The female of the species had gone on ahead, and he was cussing up a storm at her. When he saw us, he said “Oh y’all look like the adventure-types”. Eric and I had to laugh. Not only at the poor guy chasing his wife up the mountainside in flip flops but also at his assessment of us. We wandered off as he was bemoaning the fact that he was not in his recliner at home.


We ended the day with snowcones (blue coconut for me and grape for him), and then we headed out of the park. On our way home, we stopped at a place famous for their fried pies. In fact all the signs along the highway just say “Fried Pies – 15 mi.” or something along those lines. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Basically the fried pies are to be had at what is no more than a truck stop. Upon walking in the door, you are met with a line of people awaiting their fresh fried pies. Behind the counter you can see the assembly line of people making said pies. They had apple, chocolate, coconut, cherry, lemon, etc. All freshly made, all served piping hot. And they were good…oh man, were they good. We bought a few extra to share too.


In fact, we had one left over on Monday. And about halfway through the afternoon I got a text from Eric that simply said “fried pie”. I thought to myself, damnit he is eating the last fried pie. There will be consequences. But a few minutes later, who should show up at my desk but my sweetie with heated fried pie in hand, a plate, two forks and napkins. I love that man.


Happy three year anniversary to us!


Vampire Lover

True Blood

Lately I have found myself amongst those are are currently obsessed with vampires (and really aren’t we all, these days?). I was doing a little reading on Miss E’s Misadventures and in her introductory post she mentions “I loved vampires before loving vampires was cool. ” This quote completely sums me up as well. Growing up I always had a penchant for those things that go bump in the night, but it was in high school that I first discovered Anne Rice. My first foray into her world was with The Vampire Lestat, and then of course I went back and read Interview With the Vampire (we will not discuss the unfortunate movie adaption). Those books really launched me into the whole genre of vampire novels.


I even have most of them autographed.


And of course there were the movies too. Although the early films are excellent (Nosferatu, Dracula with Bela Lugosi), Bram Stoker’s Dracula is probably one of my favorites. As I mentioned in this post, I watch this movie every year on Halloween. But, up until a couple of years ago I had not actually read Mr. Stoker’s masterpiece. Shocking, I know. In fact, when Eric and I first met, one of our first long and late night phone calls lit on the topic of vampires and vampire books. I mentioned to him I had never read Dracula. On our third date, he came to pick me up and brought me a beautiful hardback copy of Dracula. I knew right then this man was a keeper! I did finally read the book in January of 2008. And it was wonderful. Really, such a well-written book that still holds up in every way 112 years later.

Oh, and we can’t forget TV series! Dark Shadows. I absolutely loved the 1991 remake of that series with Ben Cross. Too bad it was so short-lived. And I watched Buffy and Angel both while they were on, and then with Eric I watched all the seasons on DVD. Such fun!

I also read the amazing book The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. If you have not read this book, it is so worth it. What I love about this book is that it does, as it’s name may suggest, delve into the history of Dracula and the Turks, which I find oh so fascinating, while still giving you an edge of your seat suspense story.


But, of course now we come to the thick of it. When a friend of mine recommended to me that I read the book, Twilight, I was skeptical. But, being a lover of all things fanged, I gave it a shot. I literally read that book on vacation in a couple of days. I could not put it down. And the rest of the series was no different. I went to see the movie on opening night with the friend who originally recommended the books to me. And I was really impressed to see that the movie stood up well to the book. I thought the music, the actors, the cinematography were all wonderful. And above all, I felt like the movie really captured the feel of the book. I am anxious to see how New Moon unfolds with the change of director. (Of course I loved Golden Compass, having read those books too, so it should be really good.)


The love of Twilight books eventually led me to start looking for other ways to feed my appetite for new vampire books, and I was led to Charlaine Harris. I recently read book one, Dead Until Dark, and this was another one I couldn’t put down. So good, so fun, so entirely different from Meyers’ universe. I just picked up book 2, Living Dead in Dallas, last week so I am looking forward to more of Sookie and Bill. And that wonderful husband of mine bought me Season 1 of True Blood. So, I have lots to keep me busy.

Dead Until Dark

As you can see in my sidebar, I have also started reading Dark Lover (book 1 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series), which is also (no surprise) about vampires. And, although it moves away from the vampire storyline I have become obsessed with reading the Twilight fanfic, Wide Awake. Thanks to Mojito Maven getting me hooked on this, I cannot stop reading it.

I don’t know what draws me to the vampire genre, but I love it. Now, if I can just get Eric to watch Twilight with me…


Week in Photos

6/7/09 – 6/13/09

Bunch of stitching photos this week, because I guess that’s where my head was at.

A good friend sent along this chart for me. She knows I’m planning a wall of Adam & Eve samplers, and this “old school” implied A&E is a great addition. Plus, I can never get enough of her handmade cards.

Gift from Anna

Earth Sampler. The sheep makes me happy.

Earth Sampler 061309

More of my MAGIC piece. It creeps along.

Dorothy's Garden Closeup 061309

And Mystery 9 – another creeper. But I love the bling. Working on the artichoke bed in the King’s garden.

M9 Closeup 061309



NY Jogger

by Gilad Bernari on flickr

So here’s the thing. I have been really struggling with the weightloss. And after talking with a friend of mine last night, it may be the struggle itself that is holding me back. Because really, what we struggle against the hardest, is where we are focusing all of our energy. So, by focusing my energy on the weight…I am drawing more of the same to me. I’ve recently been inspired by some posts on some of the blogs I read about how women have taken something that is a situation they are struggling with (grief, wanting to start a family, etc.) and they have been able to transform it into something positive and productive by focusing instead on running.

When I was in elementary school, I loved to run. Aside from swimming it was one of my favorite things. Of course the jerk gym teacher I had eventually squashed the love. But I remember that feeling of freedom, of being completely in the present moment, completely at peace with myself. And when I read these posts about getting back to running, something stirred in me. And you know how when you start to focus on something, suddenly it is everywhere. It seems everywhere I turn women are talking about running. Even someone I work with has challenged himself to run a marathon in every state. It’s like running has completely captured my consciousness.

jogging on arambol beach
by butterflyinbabylon on flickr

But, at the same time that I am focusing so much on running, at the same time I think that running a marathon, or even just running a mile, is so far out of my realm of experience that I can’t even fathom doing it. But, something inside me wants to run, even though I’m afraid. I’ve been focusing so much on trying to lose weight, on trying to get healthy, on wanting to start a family. And I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. So, where does that leave me?

Rock N Run . bd

by WakaMouL on flickr

Well, Saturday I had my first training session for my 5k that is in August. I signed up for this with the thought that I would walk the 5k, but now a little part of me is wondering if I can use this opportunity to take a tiny baby step into running. I don’t even know if I can run. I don’t know if my body (my knees, specifically) will take it. But, I do know that I gotta do something. Because right now focusing on what’s not working and that the clock’s ticking and that if one more person around me gets pregnant I’m gonna scream. So, I’m going to try to refocus. I’m going to focus on my 5k and on maybe possibly running. I think I can do this, but I won’t know unless I try.

So, I’m going to try.


A Week in Photos

5/31/09 – 6/6/09

See the Devil’s Tail photos here

Monday night at class. I can’t get enough of my favorite pair of shoes.


Tuesday night was guild night. My favorite part is show and tell. I brought two finished pieces to share that you can see in the bottom of the photo – Barnabee’s Quest and my Peacock Pincushion (not yet made into a pincushion).


Our guild members do such lovely work.

Guild 2

I brought my MAGIC (My Annual Good Intentions Contract) project to show my progress. One day I’ll get this finished.

Dorothy's Garden

Sherri’s ’65 Mustang. We met up for lunch on Saturday and I got to ride in the new (old) car. I was amazed at how many heads we turned in this thing.

65 Mustang