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Dutch Apple Pie

Usually for Eric’s birthday, he requests the special cake I make for him (which I need to share). This year, he decided he wanted something different and requested an apple pie. This would be only the second apple pie I’ve ever made. Of course, it’s only been a few years ago that I first even […]

Week’s Photos

10/18/09 – 10/24/09 We celebrated Eric’s birthday over at my ILs. He got his standard birthday cake which is a yellow cake with a layer of strawberries and whipped cream icing. His mom and sister really make the best cakes. But the irony that strawberries are one of the few foods I am allergic to […]

The Art of the Chair

I know I’ve mentioned before that I attend a book club at one of the local art museums. What I love about the program is that the books often are selected based on having some tie to art and particularly to the current exhibition. A couple of years ago, we read the book One Vacant […]

Bluebird of Happiness

So much has been on my mind lately, and part of what has been on my mind is whether or not to share it publicly? My intention with this blog was to put myself out there, and share my thoughts, my journey, and my passion for all things beautiful and stylish – including design, fashion, […]

A Week in Photos

10/11/09 – 10/17/09 Not much going on around here. But I have been working on the baby quilt. Jogging for Johnson photos here. (and frankly, I find this an unfortunate name for an event)

Fair Day

I remember when I was in elementary school and every fall, we got one Monday off for Fair Day to go to the State Fair. I think we were even given a ticket too. It’s been awhile since the Fair Day’s of my youth, and I don’t know if they even still do that anymore. […]

Week in Photos

10/4/09 – 10/10/09 State Fair photos here. But I just had to share this photo of a hooked rug in the textile building. The colors are just gorgeous. I really want to learn how to hook rugs.

The Last of Summer

Although my thoughts, and the weather, have already turned to fall I thought I should probably wrap up my Miami posts (since I am a total slacker and still telling you about the trip we took in JULY). So, here are our last two days. On Saturday, which was also 4th of July, we went […]

A Week in Photos

9/27/09 – 10/03/09 Day two of the workshop. I think my class piece is turning out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. And I ordered one of these boxes. I think it will be a great addition to my 4th of July decorating. Plus Americana is just cool. They actually had boxes […]