Week’s Photos

3/14/10 – 3/20/10

A few years ago when my Great Aunt died, her daughter offered me her quilt scraps. As time went by I gave up hope of every seeing them. But, at Christmas she sent me a Christmas card and asked if I was still interested. I replied that YES I certainly was still interested. And last week a big box arrived with treasures in it.

The colors and patterns speak volumes, don’t they?

Rail Fence

And in the box was this complete quilt top. As far as I can tell, the majority of it is hand-pieced. And you can see how big this thing is!


A little closer look at the blocks.

Quilt Detail

Look at that sweet little cattywampus corner stone too.

Quilt Cornerstone

I intend to finish these into quilts so that I have this piece of my past (and one that I contributed to as well).

The last of the treats from Sylvia…gummy vampire bats.

Gummy Vampire Bats


Of course, I don’t like licorice, so I just ate the wings off them.

The remains of the day…

Remains of the Day


A Week in Photos

3/7/10 – 3/13/10

Sunday was day 2 of the workshop. I started stitching petals for my three-dimensional flower. Now that I’m done, I’ll cut that yellow thread and the petal will detach from the fabric and I’ll be able to tack it down to my piece to form a flower.


A view of the finished sampler. See all the dimensionality of it? Yes, you can actually peek under Adam’s fig leaf.

Amy's Ten




Oscar night again. One of my favorite nights of the year. For whatever reason, I didn’t talk about last year’s Oscars here on the blog, I must’ve been sleeping on the job! But you can see my thoughts on the 2008 Awards here. And of course, one of my favorite parts of the night (other than the montage – because we all know how I love a good montage) is the Red Carpet. It’s always fun to see what everyone’s wearing.

There was not a lot of red this year, which is what I’m typically drawn to. There was a lot of gold though. This year several of my favorites were all in the same color family – grey. While some tended more toward the lilac, and some more toward the dove or blue grey, I found myself drawn to them over and over again. Photo above is Elizabeth Banks. This was a gorgeous gown and my first favorite of the night. Below is Helen Mirren, who always looks amazing, but I think this silvery grey suited her well.

Kate Winslet is a favorite actress of mine, and so I am always curious to see what she’s wearing. In this metallic gown, she looked very old Hollywood. I love her “Veronica Lake” hair. And look at that necklace! What a statement piece of jewelry. It appeared to be canary diamonds and white diamonds. Lovely!


And Kathryn Bigelow in another beautiful grey. I loved the detailing on the top of a very simple gown.


There were a few that I really loved that weren’t in the grey category. I loved seeing Kristen Stewart in this gorgeous midnight blue dress. She looked amazing and thank God the Joan Jett mullet didn’t make an appearance.


I love Maggie Gyllenhaal and I always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing. I was not disappointed at all and I thought this dress was one of my absolute favorites of the evening. It looked gorgeous on her and the color was so vibrant.


Vera Farmiga also chose a stand out color. I loved this cranberry/fuschia dress with the beautiful fan pleats.


And of course I was happy to see some of the stunning purples on this Red Carpet that I loved at the Golden Globes. Zoe Saldana chose this amazing gown with what looked like an encrusted bodice (yay sparkly!) and then the beautiful ombre ruffles at the bottom just completed it. Fabulous!


And of course, one of my favorite categories of the awards is Best Costume Design. Sandy Powell (who also did The Other Boleyn Girl and The Tudors) won for her costume design on The Young Victoria. She has previously won Oscars for Costume Design on Shakespeare in Love and more recently, The Aviator.


Well-deserved, Ms. Powell.


I hope you enjoyed the night!