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Scent of a Woman

  I think fragrance is an essential part of how you present your self, a piece of the complete picture people see. I certainly don’t condone swathing yourself in something that anyone at twenty paces can smell, rather it is like a little reward for those that you allow close enough to you to catch […]


Tea at the Arboretum

On Saturday, in honor of my needlework guild’s tenth anniversary, I attended Afternoon Tea at the Dallas Arboretum. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, even with the threat of a spring rain. Of course, the Arboretum is lovely this time of year with bursts of color everywhere you look. I arrived early to […]


Four Years

Each year, the beginning of spring brings with it Easter, warmer weather, everything blooming and mine and Eric’s wedding anniversary. This year marks our fourth anniversary, and according to the list of traditional anniversaries the fourth anniversary is the fruit and flowers anniversary. I’ve attempted to find a gift for Eric each year that holds […]