First Book of Summer


I’m starting to settle in a bit to life after school. Still no sign of when I can get my certification exam scheduled, but that will happen sooner or later. I picked up my first book for the summer, a book that I bought as a reward for passing my recent certification exam, along with Catching Fire. I was so excited with my purchase because it symbolized being one class away from the end.


And a little something for myself

I do love new books. Anyway, I read Catching Fire immediately and blazed through it. This trilogy is so good. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, go out and get it! I read Hunger Games in December, finishing it up on Christmas Day and I’d been holding out on buying the next one. But, anyway, as you can see from the passenger seat of my car – both Catching Fire and Water for Elephants came home with me that day.

In my recent post on my plans for Summer Reading, I’d put Water for Elephants on the top of the stack in my mind. I started it a few weeks ago and was instantly sucked in and I was a little surprised. This book and I do have a bit of a history. When it first came out and everyone and their aunt was reading it, I became interested in it. But, I’m not really someone who jumps on the bandwagon of what “everyone” is reading. So, I didn’t think too much about it. Later on, someone mentioned that the book had a lot of animal cruelty in it. Well, that was it for me…I decided I just wouldn’t read it.

At one of my recent book club meetings, one of the women I often chat with mentioned Water for Elephants and when I expressed my reticence, she basically told me to get over it and read it anyway. So, here we are.

Let me just say that this book was wonderful. Each part of what occurs serves to build the reader towards what happens in the end – which is precisely what a book should do. It wasn’t like the book had any gratuitous violence in it, but everything served its part in setting the scene. And all in all, the book is really rather enchanting. I love the dual timelines and how they interweave. This book was so well-written and intriguing that I have been kicking myself for not reading it sooner. So, thanks to my book club buddy for telling me to suck it up and read it already.


Big Top 2 - Trains at Northpark

I have to take a little break from my summertime reads to read my next book club selection – The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk. It’s a fat one!


A New Day

032609 Advice

Although I am still waiting to schedule my certification exam, I’m starting to get my life back in bits and pieces. It’s like suddenly I can breathe freely again. This past weekend, I was so thankful to have three days rather than just two. It’s like I got to start my summer and my new life off with a bang. And what did we do for three days? Not a damn thing. We hibernated in the dark air conditioned house and watched old videotapes – playing videotape roulette “I wonder what’s on this one?”. Let me tell you, the Beijing Opening Ceremonies were fantastic. Oh, you already knew that since it happened two years ago? Ok then, moving right along.

Yesterday was the day from Hell. And unfortunately, my crankiness was sparked off the night before so it was a long day from Hell. Needless to say, it was topped off by some idiot (me) completely destroying (aka deleting all the data and then saving and closing) a spreadsheet that I need for my monthly report at work. Said spreadsheet included a number of pivot tables and 16,000 rows of data. I did this at 4:45pm. Awesome.

But, the complete highlight of my day? After work, after the gym, I got to go home. I got to have dinner with my husband. I got to watch crappy Wednesday night tv with him and talk about our days and just relax. There is nothing better than that. Ok, well maybe there is. I get to do it again tonight. I just can’t even begin to tell you what it’s like to actually come home, have a hot meal and spend time with my man. That little hole in my heart was filled.