Bring it

Well, a week has gone by, so it’s time to check in with myself on how I did with my goal. I wanted to focus last week on drinking one 32oz bottle of water a day. I managed to do that every day except Tuesday. Tuesday, I only got about 3/4 of it down. I also worked a little on tracking last week, I did so-so with it. What I did track, I tracked honestly. And wow – who knew a Jimmy Johns sandwich would be 17 points! Gah! But, at least now I know.

I also made sure I got all my vitamins and supplements taken. It’s already pretty much a habit, but I made sure to check that box three times a day. I want to be sure that I’m getting what my body needs to be healthy, not just for me but for the future when we start a family.

In place of my weekly 3 mile walk, I participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday morning and we walked for a little over two hours. I wish I’d worn my pedometer! I did make sure to stay hydrated though. I’ll be posting photos from the walk in the next few days. I got some that I’m pretty proud of.

So, I feel good about how I did last week – mostly I was mindful of my behavior and I tried to stay in the role of objective observer rather than being harsh and judgmental of myself. I had an internal goal to see the scale go down throughout the week, and it did drop by 2.5 pounds towards the end of the week and then went back up two over the weekend.

This week my inspiration is this t-shirt. Nothing special, I know, but I love this t-shirt and I would really like to fit into it by Halloween this year. I’m going to work towards that goal and I think it’s do-able!

Good Witch

So for this week, I’m going to continue to focus on my water, and work on drinking one and a half bottles a day. I’m also attending a new WW meeting tonight. I’ve lost interest in my regular meeting because my new leader is not so good. I’m not inspired or motivated at all by those meetings. So, I’m going to a new meeting tonight and I’m excited about making this change to get myself re-motivated for my weight loss.



Lately my weight has been bothering me quite a bit and now that school is basically done, it’s time to put my focus back on getting healthy and fit. I really want to get to a healthy weight and feel good in my body. I also am tired of being limited by my weight and my fitness level. So I’m ready to jump back in and make myself a priority. I have no illusion that this is going to be easy, but I won’t get anywhere if I don’t try.

Here’s what I need to focus on:

Tracking what I eat
Attending weekly meeting and weigh in
Drinking water
Morning yoga sessions
Being mindful of what I eat/drink – making healthy choices
Getting all my workouts in at the gym – and being present and focused during
Making my weekly 5k walk
Taking my daily vitamins and supplements
Taking care of my skin
Staying on track with all of this by journaling and/or blogging
Ok, that’s a lot. But, I can do a little bit at a time so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I just need to re-focus so that I’m not just going through the motions, and also I need to be consistent until it all becomes a normal part of my routine. I want this to be a lifestyle. I want to be able to live with any of the changes I make. I’m not dieting and I’m not doing this for the sole purpose of losing weight. I want this to be my life.
So, I’m going to check in weekly with myself and see how I’m doing. I thought it would be good to determine what I’m going to focus on this week and also give myself some weekly inspiration.
So, this week my focus is on drinking water. As hot as it is outside, being hydrated is especially important. I learned that the hard way this weekend. So, I think it’s a good place to start. I have a 32oz bottle of water sitting on my desk and I want to drink three of these a day. I’m going to focus on getting one down though.
And for my weekly inspiration: this gorgeous dress from Anthropologie.
I’ll check in next week to look at how I did.

Shooting Without a Tripod (or How I Spent My 4th of July)


Every so often I make a food request to Eric, and one of the things I love about him is that he always comes through for me. For dinner on the 4th, he grilled hot dogs, made baked beans and coleslaw and bought me root beer. So yummy!

Although the night before it rained something fierce, the 4th was sunny and clear, so we were good to go out and see the fireworks. Eric looks forward to the fireworks every year and he was really disappointed by our fireworks experience last year in Miami. Suffice it to say that last year we pulled the car over to the side of the road and watched the ten minutes of fireworks through the back window of the car. Not ideal. But, this year, Eric got some amazing photos of the fireworks. Mine…notsomuch. I think they would have been pretty good if I’d taken Eric’s advice and used the tripod he brought for me.


Since I am stubborn and thought that surely I could take great handheld photos, you can see my results. My fireworks look a bit more like silly string than fireworks. Not quite as impressive as I’d hoped.




Ah well. It was a great night though, and I was happy with my Sonic Campfire Blast that Eric bought me on the way home (and a Banana Shake for himself).

No work on Monday the 5th, so we continued our weekend long movie marathon. It’s been so long since we’ve watched movies that we thought it was a good time to get caught up. We finished up Season 2 of True Blood, caught some of the Star Wars marathon and also watched Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Ghost Rider, Wanted, American Pie: Beta House and finally rounded it off with the new Star Trek. It was so much fun to just sit and watch movies together. I loved it!

And Eric surprised me with two new variations of grilled pizza for dinner last night.

Chicken Fajita Pizza…

Chicken Fajita Pizza

And Chicken Pesto Pizza…

Chicken Pesto Pizza

They were both sooooo delicious! I can’t decide which one was my favorite. I hope he makes these again.

And Eric’s mom just got back from visiting Grandma and she came by yesterday to bring us these Italian cookies she brought back for us. We had some of the three-color cookies and they were fantastic. I can’t wait to try the others.

Italian Cookies

All in all an excellent 4th of July weekend. And maybe next year I’ll use a tripod.