One of my most favorite things to do is make lists.  And of course the best kind of list is a wish list.  It’s always fun to dream big, so I thought I’d make a little “Dear Santa, this year I’ve been very good and so I’d love it if you brought me…” list.  So here it is…

I am in desperate need of new perfume, as I blogged about here.

As you’ve seen evidence of here on the blog, I’ve been getting more and more into photography.  I think I’ve outgrown my trusty little point and shoot camera and I’m ready to upgrade to a “real” camera.  The Canon Rebel series seemed to fit better in my hands than the larger body styles.  And I’m excited to start learning more about photography and want to be able to use a camera that allows me a wider range of what I can do with it.  Scary thought though!!

 And I’d love a Kindle.  Yes, it’s a gadget.  Yes, I will still buy and read real books.  But, I want the gadget!  I think it would be fun to have.  Plus I can’t get enough of that song on the commercial.  It makes me happy.  (I’m a sucker for advertising, I know.)

And finally, I’m also in desperate need of a new wallet.  Mine is literally coming apart at the seams.  I’d really love an Louis Vuitton wallet to replace mine.

So there’s my dreaming big wishlist.  But, honestly this year I’m just happy to be done with school and all my certification exams, to be happy and healthy and getting to spend some time with Eric and our families.  Plus, there’s eggnog and chocolate cake balls!

So what’s on your wish list?


Being Martha

I’ve been spending some time doing a bit of holiday planning.  We’ve got our annual Eggnog and Dessert party planned for the 18th.  So, I’m trying to decide what to make this year.  I pulled out my Martha Stewart Christmas Cookbook to try to get some ideas.  

I also needed to make something to bring to my guild’s holiday party.  I decided to make something simple, so I went for a batch of fudge.  This is a recipe that my friend Julia shared with me years and years ago and it is so simple and delicious – it’s my go-to holiday recipe. 

This photo reminds me I need to get back to my cookbook project.  I’m in the process of collecting all of my recipes and printing them up on nice paper.


Holiday Inspiration

This time of year, one of my favorite things is seeing how people decorate their homes for the season. Blogs are full of photos of Christmas trees, lights and cozy living rooms.  It’s one of the things I love able design blogs – getting to peek inside people’s homes!  Magazines too, are full of baking and crafting and of course, decorating.  Many years ago, one of my beloved magazines – Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion – featured a story in their 2002 December issue on this home in California.  I was enamored with it and still am.  I don’t know if it’s just her home or the way she’s got it decorated for Christmas, but I am in love with this house!  Since they are scans, the photos aren’t the greatest quality, but I just had to share.

Look at the outside of her sweet home.  I would kill for a house like this – so cozy!  I love all the white lights she’s used.  Of course, it’s her entry way that truly gets me.  Look at that red door, and the archway.

And she’s just put touches of Christmas everywhere throughout her home.  I love the sapphire blue glass balls on the side table, along with a wrapped gift.  Nothing over the top – just tasteful touches here and there.

The warm colors of her home are fantastic as well.  Plus I love that it has a bit of a medieval feel to it with the peeling plaster and the heavy Gothic chairs.  Like it was an old Cathedral.  And I love how the gifts are wrapped in the same colors she’s decorated her tree with.  Again, that sapphire blue comes in – and what a pop of color against all the warm tones!

See what I mean about the little touches – even in the bedroom, she’s brought her holiday decor into play.  There used to be a little boutique shop near here that sold some amazing Christmas items like the cone below.  Such a fun little shop, too bad it’s gone now.  Of course, you can always make things like this!

And again the warm colors in the bedroom.  I love love love the prints above the bed.  And she’s placed this beautifully wrapped gift on the guest bed.  Don’t you love the use of the berries on top?

And another little tree in the guest room.  I love the idea of having smaller trees in other rooms of the house.  Look how’s she’s done this one in softer colors.  And the gifts cascading to the floor – so fun.  I love the use of decorative hat boxes and bags (easy to make “faux” gifts for under the tree).

I just can’t get enough of this house, and I had to share.  It’s one of the articles I find myself coming back to over and over again.  What’s so funny is that as much as I love it – my own decorating looks nothing like this.  Maybe someday I can incorporate some of these ideas into my own home though!