Missing Her

Today is my grandmother’s birthday.  It would have been her 100th birthday, if you can believe that.  But, she’s been gone almost 20 years.  That just hardly seems possible to me.  I often think of her, but it always hits me the hardest in August.  With our birthdays just days apart, we would celebrate them together.  And both of us Leos to the core, I am so much like her.

My love of books, I got from her.  My artistic and crafty nature came from her.  Probably also my stubbornness and sense of humor can be attributed to her.  Both of my parents worked when I was growing up, and she was the one that was there every morning and every afternoon to get me off to school, feed me, care for me.

She raised African violets, tending to them and giving them special food and light.  I can’t manage to keep anything alive, except for one mutant aloe plant, and an African violet.  When it blooms, she is immediately in my thoughts.  Today is it blooming, even without special food or a grow lamp.  It reminds me she is still here with me.

So, today we’ll celebrate together again, with a slice of lemon meringue pie (made from her recipe).  Every year for my birthday, this is what she made for me.  And every year, I still savor it.

Happy birthday.  I miss you.


Birthday Wishlist

So here it is, just two weeks until my birthday.  Two weeks, and I’m torn.  I’m trying to do a little risk mitigation in order to avoid some of the horrible shenanigans that occurred on my birthday last year.  So, in order to attempt to have the happiest 40th I could possibly have, I’m trying to plan ahead as much as possible.  When I saw the above photo on Pinterest, not only did I immediately pin it, but I loved the description someone else had added to their pin “This is a foretelling of my birthday”.  So, that’s what I want – what this photo conjures up – champagne, decadent chocolate cake and all the luxury and elegance that a 40th birthday celebration deserves.  No meanness, no forgetting, no anxiety – just beautiful sentiment.  (I borrowed the photo from here – oh how I wish I’d taken it.)  And can I just please add champagne glasses like these onto my wishlist? I need them!

So when I got to thinking about the things that would make me really happy for my birthday this year, I found that most of what I’d like is intangible – but, in order to do a birthday wishlist post, I’ll try to stick to stuff you can wrap.

At the top of my wish list, is this Chanel polish.  It’s Peridot.  As soon as I got the email announcing their new limited edition colors, I knew I had to have this.  Peridot is my birthstone – and how gorgeous is this color?  Sometimes green, verging on gold.  This is absinthe on my nails gorgeous.  I just hope I can get my hands on some!


Another Pinterest find (can you tell where I’ve been wasting spending my time?), this is a five-year journal.  I thought it would be a very cool thing to start on my birthday and then look back at in five years.  Plus, I love the color!

That’s about it for my birthday wishlist.  Of course, I’m still in dire need of perfume, which I think I’ve blogged about repeatedly.  At some point I will get myself some new perfume!  But, when I started thinking about my life, and what would make me happy on my birthday – the list got very short.  I want the day to be special.  I want cake.  I want champagne.  I want to enjoy my day.  That’s pretty much it.  All the rest is, well…cake.

Although, my wish list could have looked something like this…

I’m daring to hope, just a little, that my birthday may actually be one that will only result in tears of the happy kind and may be a day I can look back on with only good feelings.


Club Dead

I got a little behind with my book reviews, so here’s another one right on the heels of my last.  I finished this one over the weekend while waiting for my hair appointment (I’m desperately trying to keep myself on a schedule to have my hair trimmed, the past few years it’s been hit or miss…but, I digress).  After reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I needed a quick and easy, entertaining read.  Sookie #3 to the rescue.  Like I said, this series is quick, enjoyable, entertaining and a perfect “palate cleanser” between denser books.

As far as I can tell, this book is pretty much what the third season of True Blood covers.  Now, granted, there’s a lot going on in True Blood that wasn’t in the book – but, perhaps it’s in later books?  Anyway, I think I enjoy the books themselves a lot more than the series, although with the series you do get Alex Skarsgard.  mmm….wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, True Blood.  The other thing I love about the series that you don’t really get in the books is Pam.  I love Pam in True Blood.  I particularly like her dialog.  For instance…

Pam: I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago.

Pam: You picking up what I’m putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I’ll be back tomorrow for the money.

Love it.  But, back to the books – well worth the read.  I always enjoy taking a little foray into Bon Temps, when I get the chance.