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Our anniversary fell on the same day as Easter this year, which is always kind of fun.  It makes me think of spending Easter in Rome on our honeymoon.  Eric bought me a beautiful bouquet of roses.  Even though he does it every year, it still surprises me and makes me feel so special.  And […]

Soulless and Other Stories

Thought I’d better catch up on some book reviews, since it’s been months since I did one.  Soulless is the first in a series and I read this one in August of 2011, right around my birthday.  It easily falls into the steampunk category, or as someone else called it “bustlepunk”.  This book had come […]


I’ve just stumbled across a new-to-me artist that I’m loving and had to share.  


Posting some randomness, just mainly because I feel the need to post. I seem to be in a pink phase – all my recent posts have been pink.  This one is no exception. I keep trying to get “caught up” with this blog, although I’m not entirely sure what I mean by “caught up”.  My […]