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Things I Love Thursday: Chihuly

Well, I missed doing my TILT post last week, and almost missed it again this week.  Of course, with my birthday celebrations, my schedule is a little bit in an uproar, but I decided it was important to get this post in this week.  I’ve been having a lot of fun for my birthday and […]

A Birthday Declaration

My birthday is a week away, and I’ve come to some conclusions.  Maybe wisdom comes with age?  Maybe it’s just a result of my TILT posts and thinking about all there is to be grateful for in my life?  But, in the past (as I’ve blogged about here before) my birthday has been a bittersweet […]

Things I Love Thursday: Marrakesh Decor

Well, I’m a day late for my TILT post this week, but wanted to post anyway.  As I mentioned in my last post, there’s been some redecorating and rearranging going on at my house.  Well, I’ve always wanted to have a Moroccan-inspired living room, at least as long as I remember.  I even blogged about […]

Things I Love Thursday: The Olympic Edition

Thursday has snuck up on me again!  And now it’s AUGUST!  How does this happen?  Anyway, it’s been almost a week since the 2012 Olympics began and I thought I’d spend this TILT post writing about that.  As you know, I’m way behind on my tv watching, so needless to say Eric and I did […]