Things I Love Thursday: butter London Polish

It’s that time again!  And since I seem to be overindulging in the introspective soul searching posts lately, I thought I’d focus on something a little more fun for my TILT post.  For Fashion Week, one of my favorite new polish brands introduced a couple of new colors.  This one is called Fish Wife.  So in love.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.  The other is called Posh Bird, which I am definitely needing as well!  But before I get ahead of myself with the new fall colors, I thought I’d better show you what I indulged in over the summer!

I’d been wanting to try out butter London polish, and so when they had their 3 for $30 sale on the site, I couldn’t pass it up.  I ended up with from left to right: No More Waity Katie, Disco Biscuit and Lillibet’s Jubilee.  I had so much fun wearing these, over a period of three weeks in August.

Here’s NMWK…it’s a gray with purple microglitter.  Love it!!

Then I wore Lillibet’s Jubilee, that was a Limited Edition for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  This is a silvery lavender that is absolutely gorgeous in person.  I couldn’t stop looking at my nails.

And I saved the best for last.  I saved Disco Biscuit to wear for my birthday week, as you’ve already seen.  Disco Biscuit really is a must-have color (not just for the name).  It’s a bright pink with blue microglitter.  And it. is. awesome.

And just when I thought I’d have to wait for another good sale for some more bL indulgence, a friend of mine gifted me with this for my birthday.

That’s Dosh, pictured with the scarf she knitted for me from appropriately named yarn in “Zombie BBQ”.  Love love love this for fall.  Dosh is really stunning in person, it’s got a little bit of gold in it and it’s the perfect autumn olive green – like a pumpkin stem!  Love this.  I hated to take it off, frankly.

I was a good girl and passed up the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale at Ulta on butter London polish last week.  Although it killed me to do so.  But, I really wanted to get Fish Wife and Posh Bird and neither were available through Ulta.  So, I passed.  Maybe next time, though!

What other good things are going on this week?

★ The temps are a little cooler this week and I’m loving it

★ Friday night Eric and I went and had Lebanese food (more on that later!) – yum

★ Drinking wine from Vampire Vineyards – love that Eric bought this

★ I did some major magazine purging on Saturday

★ Bought some new tops Saturday too – love what I got!

★ I spent some time sewing this weekend, which was much needed

★ I feel like I’m starting to feel settled again

★ Eric opening the curtains in the living room – with the weather lower than 1,000 degrees we can let in the light!



That Time I Decided to Become an Astrophysicist

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly time moves and how you have to make the conscious decision to make every day count.  I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot recently too, and how much he left undone.  All those dreams and plans that he had for himself, as well as those I had for him.  We tend to live with the expectation that there will always be tomorrow, that you have the time, and that opportunities won’t pass you by.  And yet, it happens – and while I try to live my life without regret, I still have some.

It’s not always necessary to take every path, to grab every opportunity, to grind ourselves down by not taking a moment to be still and breathe.  Dreams are opportunities to imagine what could be/what could have been.

But, when you choose to take a different path, and see where that road leads – what do you leave behind?

Years ago, I had an experience that was one of those moments in my life where time seemed to stand still.  It was a moment where a door cracked open and a little dream was revealed.  I’d never told a soul, I’d never even given credit to that little voice inside my head that wanted it.  But, in that moment of revelation, that door was opened up and the idea was brought to the surface.

I wanted to study astrophysics.

For anyone who knew me – artist, dancer, some might say “alternative” in those days – this was as far out of left field as you could imagine.  And yet, I wanted it.  And better yet, for the first time in my life I actually felt like it was something I could do.  It felt like suddenly it became a possibility.  And what else are dreams for, but to awaken ourselves to possibilities.  I was lit from within, filled with excitement and passion.  I shared it with friends, who were so sure I was joking that they laughed.

That little dream still haunts me from time to time.  Friends will occasionally say to me (laughing) “remember when you wanted to be an astrophysicist”.  As if this is the reason that other dreams haven’t been fulfilled – because I didn’t dream the right dreams, the reachable dreams, the ones that fit within what others’ expectations allowed.

I have that voice inside of me that says “you can’t because”.

So, I’ve started looking at all those things that I’ve said no to, all those things that I couldn’t muster up enough energy for, all those things that reason told me were out of reach.  Why can’t I be a writer/belly dancer/travel photographer/mother/astrophysicist?  Why don’t I make time for those things that I never seem to get around to?  What’s stopping me?

And the answer?  Only me.


Fall Bucket List

I’ve been remiss in reading blogs lately, but I was catching up a bit this weekend during my weekly manicure and stumbled across an idea for a post that I thought was fantastic (and timely).  I love the idea of a fall bucket list.  So here’s mine…


Get back to the Gym

Kitten-proof the Office

Take some Fall photos

Make Chili and Cornbread

Visit the State Fair

Have our Annual Photos taken

Buy new chairs and Enjoy the patio

What’s on your list?


Ready for Something New

Maybe it’s the cooler weather, maybe it’s some weird form of seasonal nesting, maybe it’s just one too many mentions of something that struck a chord with me.  But I feel like I need to get a move on.  I want to get back to fitness and working out, get back on track.  I feel like the life derailment is over and it’s time to head out of the station.  I’m ready for new challenges, new goals, new expectations for myself.  I’m starting today, because there’s no better time like now.  And like everything, I’m just going to take it one day at a time and form new habits.  Habits that serve me better than the ones I’ve sunk into, habits that will allow and encourage me to be more, do more, live more.  I can’t make dreams happen if I don’t do my part to move towards them.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

I’ve reached out to my old walking buddies.  I’ve still got my gym bag packed, now to venture back to the gym.  I’ve got my bottle of water sitting next to me.  I can do this.

It’s more than just fitness and health, but that’s where it really all begins.  You’ve got to lay your foundation, in order to create your temple.

And I’ve started thinking about the rewards.  All those things that will inspire me and motivate me.  Training for a race like my friend Sherri.  Hiking Heleakala.  Wearing boots!  Taking classes from Rachel Brice.


Celebrating life.

It’s a powerful thing.

Because it really is so short – so it’s time to make it the best it can be.


So, today is the day that my life takes a new direction.


Things I Love Thursday: The Little Things

I’ve been remiss in my TILT posts, and of course, this one is late too – but better late than never!  I’ve been focusing lately on the little things that make me happy, and finding joy in the small stuff.  So this week, I thought I’d just share a little bit of what’s making me happy.

★  The book I’m reading

★  A three-day weekend (and the following four-day work week!)

★  Starting to put the finishing touches on our living room

★  Fashion Week

★  My Blue Moon Mani in honor of the blue moon last Friday

★  Watching Jurassic Park on tv

★  Rediscovering some things from my old apartment and looking through them

★  New collars for the kittens (who are now quite big!)

★  Thutmose standing on his hind legs in the kitchen window watching the birds

★  A harvest moon Saturday night

★  Refreshing my hair color

★  Friends that give me Day of the Dead skulls for my birthday

★  Setting up the DVR for the new fall shows

★  Learning how to make star bullets!


Feeling Fallish

I’m ready for fall.  It’s just barely September, and there’s always the question of whether or not to wear white after Labor Day.  But, even though it’s still over 100 degrees out, all I can think of is fall fashion.

I’m longing for tights and wearing layers…

New fall bags…


Coats and scarves and boots…

Playing with a new color palette…

Chunky accessories…

Shoes in plum suede…


Vampy nail colors and lipsticks…



Playing with pattern…

I think it’s time to start rearranging my closet and pulling out my fall essentials!  Here’s hoping cooler weather is on the way!


A Birthday in Photos

Disco Bicuit mani

An amazing dinner with Eric at Ziziki’s.  I wore a pretty dress.

Pink Pankcakes

A gift of vintage coupe glasses from J.

Starting a new quilt

Afternoon at the movies with Eric seeing Snow White & The Huntsman

Toasting with Rose Regale

Birthday cupcakes from the girls (day of laughter included)

Teal and red earrings made just for me by A.

And also from A. – A Bundt!

It was a fantastic birthday – the best I remember.  I’ll have to remember to take my own advice next year.