A Week in Photos

8/16/09 – 8/22/09

My birthday week.

My ILs gave me this beautiful orchid for my birthday.


And I’m so in love with the morning light in my kitchen window. Too bad I have to look at my neighbor’s cars because they can’t be bothered to park in their flippin’ garage. Where was I? Oh yeah, pretty orchid in the morning light.

Early Morning

I made this little birthday stocking for myself. Too bad it looks so crappy in this photo. Now to actually make it into a stocking.

Happy Birthday Stocking

I took a couple of days off work to enjoy my birthday, so I decided to work on some of my craft projects. First order of business was to give this wicked sharp curved needles a try.

Curved Needles

And what did I do with those needles? I worked on putting this pincushion together. My frankenstein sewing will be totally covered by trim (don’t worry). But, while I was working on this, all I could think of was that this looked like a huge cookie/ice cream sandwich. That amused me to no end.

Peacock Pinkeep in Progress

I definitely enjoyed my time off from work. And I got a lot done in my craft room.


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