Week’s Photos

9/6/09 – 9/12/09

Gathering fat quarters of some 30s Reproduction fabrics for a baby quilt for a friend.

Fat Quarters

Pollo Asada with a fresh tomato salad.

Pollo Asada

New manicure with OPI’s You Ottoware Purple. Love how it matches my ring, don’t you?

You Ottaware Purple

This guy was outside my office window. Sometimes I have days like this too.

Hanging Out

Reading in the car before class while the rain came down. I love that this chapter is called “Contented Little Sips”. If you want to read a great book, try The Elegance of the Hedgehog. We are reading it for book club and it is fantastic.

Contented Little Sips

Every night Eric makes our protein shakes for the next day. Mid-morning snack, before gym, after gym.

For the gym

And on Saturday we participated in the Dallas Heart Walk….in the rain. We tried to stay under the tent until the walk started.

Dallas Heart Walk 091209 3

I did like seeing all the colorful umbrellas though. But, note to fellow walkers – if you cannot control your umbrella, please don’t walk with it. You are going to stab someone in the eye. And P.S. – you are wider with an umbrella, so keep that in mind too. K, thanks.

Dallas Heart Walk 091209 2

Dallas Heart Walk 091209

I’m so glad Eric and I did the Heart Walk together. It really meant a lot to me. I hope we can do it again next year too.


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