A Week in Photos

4/12/09 – 04/18/09

I visited my parents for Easter lunch. Afterwards, my niece had some pretty strawberries. She couldn’t figure out why I wanted to take a picture of them though! (too bad it’s blurry!)


My sister brought my mom these pretty tulips.


And after lunch my sister and my niece dyed Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs

Monday nights before my class I have a habit of going to Wendy’s for dinner for some chili and a caesar salad. I always bring a book with me. You can see I decided to take a break from Pillars of the Earth and read a little Sookie. (How much do I love that the cover of my book is glittery?!)

Dead Until Dark

And many nights, when I get home from school, I spend them like this. With Romeo on my lap.


This is the skylight in our master bath. I love to look up when I get out of my shower in the morning and see the blue sky. It’s a good way to start the day. So here’s my little Patch of Sky.

Patch of Sky

I try to collect a charm for my charm bracelet that represents all of our travels. I’m a little backlogged though. I have several that still need to be soldered onto my bracelet.


And I spent some time at my friend Sherri’s house. She has so many beautiful roses in her garden.

Red Rose

Multi Color Rose

And a pretty windchime.

Wind Chime

Sherri and I were cutting wood for some frames we are making together.

Framing Day

You can see the photos from the end of the week here. Mmmmm….mojitos!


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