A Week of Photos

5/3/09 – 5/9/09

Just a mismash of photos this week.

I finally bought lemons for my new rooster bowl that Julia bought us for our kitchen window. I love this so much.


My neighbor doesn’t do a lot of lawn care, so sometimes I get a little surprise coming through the fence between our yards. I did think it was pretty though.


Over the weekend at church they had had a new member tea. Monday night I stumbled across the tea set that hadn’t been put away yet and snapped a few shots of it. Silver tea sets are just so pretty. They are, however, a nightmare to take photos of. So many reflections!


While at Ava’s house last week, I stitched on this little piece called Petites Lettres Rouges. I personalized it with my grandmother’s name and year of her birth. I’ve added it to my guest bath near my vase of champagne corks. It feels very Parisian to me.

Petites Lettres Rouges Framed

When I picked up the lemons for the bowl in the kitchen, I also picked up a silk plant to put in the entry way. I needed a second plant in here, because the lone silk ficus looked sad. Yes, I’d rather have real plants, but I can keep these alive. And you can see my gallery wall in the background, which I love. You can also see the pretty baskets I have the two plants in. I bought both of these years and years ago, and just now put something in the second basket.

The entry way is coming along. I just need some sort of a two-door cabinet in there and I’ll be all set.

Entry After

My African Violet bloomed. I can’t believe that not only is this thing still alive, but it still blooms for me. Makes me think of my grandmother every time. She loved and grew African Violets.


And my very first Chanel purchase. I love the gift wrapping.


Chanel Cosmic Violine laquer. Love the color even more in person. I can’t wait to try it out.



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