365 Photos

032509 Rain with Leaf

Rain with Leaf

As part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days, I decided that I would photograph my journey. I plan to take photos every day for at least the next year, preferably the next 1001 days. I wanted to do this 1) to document and 2) to improve my photography skills. I’ll be posting my photos on this blog weekly. I was originally going to choose one photo from each day, but then I decided that I ended up with several from each day that I liked…so I’ll just post them all. I may decide in the future to just go with one…but hey, that’s my prerogative.

Below are the week’s photos (March 22, 2009 through March 28, 2009), but my favorite of the week is at the top of this post.


032209 Before


032209 Morning

032209 Beginning

032309 Pillars of the Earth
Pillars of the Earth

032409 Rain Drenched Sky
Rain Drenched Sky

032409 Still Life with Avocado
Still Life with Avocado

032409 Columns

032409 Evening Commute
Evening Commute

032509 Morning Commute
Morning Commute

032509 Purple Heels
Purple Heels

032609 Decisions

032609 Advice

032609 It's Now or Never
It’s Now or Never

032709 Kimbell

032709 Book Club
Book Club

032709 Kimbell Musicians
Kimbell Musicians

032709 Kimbell with Sky
Kimbell with Sky

032709 Kimbell Walkway
Kimbell Walkway

032809 Model Accoutrements
Model Accoutrements

032809 Potstickers at BJs
Potstickers at BJs

032809 Ghiradelli


2 thoughts on “365 Photos”

  1. Oh Michelle, I love your photographs! You are one talented lady! My favorite would be the columns, walkway and purple heels. I’ve always wanted to learn photography but just never got around to actually doing it. Hopefully, one day soon I’d be able to take pictures like you do. Keep the pictures coming!

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