A Little Bit of Halloween

I’ve done a little Halloween decorating around the house. Often I find that it’s hard to make myself pull out the decorations and put them out, but I always feel better after I do it. The mantel is the best place for seasonal decorating. This year I put my glass candy corns in the crystal bowl, scattered some fall leaves, placed some of my Halloween cross-stitched pieces along the wall, and added my Harmony Kingdom Halloween pieces that I’ve collected over the years. I also used the patterns from allsorts to create the “Boo!” banner. I think it’s a fun touch.
I also added this little touch to the top of one of the speakers. Eric gave me this book on our second date, after we’d talked about how much I love it. I watch that movie every year on Halloween!
I put this little wooden witch on the entertainment center.

In the dining room, I took the opportunity to add a couple of things to the buffet table.

I just love these stuffed pumpkins. I bought these, but I think I could easily make some in some fun fabrics.

This metal jack-o-lantern would probably look cute with a candle inside (which I’ve never done!).

And in the guest bath, I set out these ceramic pumpkins with the cats chasing mice.

Just little touches, but I think they bring the seasonal changes into my home a little bit. Of course, something like this from the Pottery Barn catalog would be even better…

I’ve been making a few other little changes in the house, specifically in the kitchen and living room. I think it really helps to see the rooms in photographs to get a different perspective, as well as having input from others. Currently, I am making the changes I can make without spending any money. I think that’s a great place to start. It allows me the opportunity to rearrange and reuse things I already have. So, next post I’ll give you some glimpses into the changes I’ve been making. Thanks for visiting!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Halloween”

  1. I just found your blog and have enjoyed the pictures of your home.
    I love your halloween decor… especially those stuffed pumpkins!

    I agree that adding a colorful rooster above your cabinets or even on top of the refrigerator will look good,Also maybe you could add some colorful magnets to the metal backsplash behind the stove to add some color.
    I love the red placemats in the dining room!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love visitors….

    Love your halloween decor. The pumpkins are adorable.

  3. I’m a big believer in reusing what you have. sometimes I simply move it to another room, other times I repaint. Good for you.

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