All Aboard!

Trains at Northpark - Entrance

Every year Eric and I have a tradition of going to the Trains at Northpark. We always enjoy it, and although the setup is pretty much the same every year, it’s part of our tradition.

Santa Wreath

Going to see the Trains benefits Ronald McDonald House, and you can see that there are even cars that with a donation can be painted with the donor’s information. There are so many donated train cars already running on the tracks that they’ve had to put the overflow here.

Donated Trains

The exhibit is a bit like taking a tour across America. We start with San Francisco…see Lombard Street?

Lombard Street - Trains at Northpark

And the painted ladies (the houses – don’t go looking for trollops)?

San Francisco - Trains at Northpark

When you move a little further along, you find the desert and some hobos. Did you ever read that book about the Boxcar kids?

Hobos - Trains at Northpark

And there’s even a whole section for Dallas. See Reunion Tower?

Reunion Tower - Trains at Northpark

A riverboat…

Barbara Rose - Trains at Northpark

And even the circus…

Circus - Trains at Northpark

Don’t you love the striped big tops?

Big Top - Trains at Northpark

But my favorite parts are the winter in the city scenes… I love all the shoppers with their packages.

Ladder - Trains at Northpark

Look at the little wreath on the wrought iron fence!

Horse and Carriage - Trains at Northpark

The National Tree in front of the White House….

Big Tree - Trains at Northpark

Even a vintage Winnebago trailer (I believe referred to as a Mini-Winnie)!

Trailer - Trains at Northpark

And the cabs in New York City. Love the Volkwagon with the Christmas tree strapped to the roof!

Taxis - Trains at Northpark

Such an attention to detail in these scenes. And you could literally spend a long time looking at all of it, which is why I never complain that we go every year!

It’s also fun to see how the mall is decorated. I loved the reindeer hanging from the ceiling.

Prancer Vixen Donner

Until next year!


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