An April Wedding

It hardly seems that long ago that I was a young girl glued to the television screen watching the most elaborate and amazing fairy tale wedding unfold.  I’d never seen anything like it.  What a beautiful Princess she made.

And now, years later I watched as the world prepared for her firstborn’s own wedding.

It’s hard to explain the affect Diana had on me, from her engagement to her wedding and then to her untimely death and beyond.  To see William’s engagement and wedding has been so amazing, and touching…as Diana’s presence is felt throughout it all.


And what fun it’s been speculating over what Kate will choose to wear, who will attend, the wedding watching parties being planned.  Even Google got in on the excitement for the day…

And the details of the day were so elegant and classic.

And Kate’s dress did not disappoint.  She looked incredible and so so happy.  I love the the Royal School of Needlework made the lace for her veil and gown – incorporating shamrocks. thistles, etc.  And in her bouquet she carried Sweet William, among other traditional flowers.

Such a beautiful couple.  Kate really carries herself with a grace and poise that will serve her well in her new life.

I do wish I’d gotten up to watch the wedding live, but it was just as exciting and moving watching it from my DVR.

The kiss at Buckingham Palace is what we’d all been waiting for.

I think Diana would be happy for them.


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