Bishop Arts District

On Sunday, we went out to the Bishop Arts District to take our anniversary photos.  Last year we did them at the State Fair, which was fun.  It would be nice though, if we could arrange our schedules to have our anniversary photos done in April, when our anniversary is! 

The Bishop Arts District is made up of a bunch of fun little boutique shops and restaurants, including the soda shop you see above.  We took a good portion of our photos in this great little restaurant that featured this sweet little birds on wooden tables.  I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!

After all the photos were taken, we decided to duck into Eno’s Pizza for a quick snack.  I loved the atmosphere in here. 

Everything felt so autumnal.  Even the customers…I fell in love with her red hair against her blazer. 

And the pizza was fantastic.  It was super thin crust, just like in Rome, with fresh basil on top.  Very few places make pizzas like the Romans do!  And the root beer was on tap and fantastic.  Just what I needed to top off a great afternoon.


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