365 Photo Project

032209 Before 

Way back when, in the spring of 2009, I decided as part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days that I would start a photo project – taking a photo every day for a year.  I figured it would be kind of a cool way to journal a year of my life with photos and also it might help me improve my photography skills.  I learned a lot in that year, which ended back in March (I know, I’m a little slow to talk about it).  One of the things I learned is that many days, I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I’d take photos of the cat or some other method of “phoning it in”.  Of course, after losing Romeo in June of this year – those photos of him at 10pm at night are precious to me.  But, I also learned that on days when I am feeling it – I took some great photos.  And it was fun to look back at them and see some of the things that happened during that year.  The photo at the top of this post was my first photo for this project.  I’ve even used one of my 365 photos on my About page.


It was a hard project – hard to stick with, and some weeks I didn’t.  But, I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it.  And some of the most rewarding photos were captured when I said to myself “I’ve been wanting to stop and take a photo of that for a long time”, and then I just pulled the car over and got out with my camera. 

Bluebonnets 3

I thought this “wrap up” post would be a good place to share some of my favorites from the year too.  But, if you’d like a look back through those 52 weeks, you can find the posts here


There were photos from Miami, photos at work, photos on my way to school, photos from the “walkabouts” I went on with Eric and his camera club, photos from my first 5k and photos celebrating holidays with our families.

Contented Little Sips 

It was even an interesting way to look back at the books I was reading during the year – because strangely those books ended up in my photos more often than not.

Wreath with Snow 

I documented snow on Christmas Eve, and then later in February when we had snow again.


But above all, I’m glad I had this experience and that I challenged myself to do it. I’m so appreciative that it brought Eric and I closer together as he taught me the ins and outs of using my camera, suggesting trying new settings, and walking with him in the snow – cameras in both of our hands.

It was a crazy, whirlwind of a year. But, at least I can look back at these photos and remember.

032509 Rain with Leaf


Week’s Photos

3/14/10 – 3/20/10

A few years ago when my Great Aunt died, her daughter offered me her quilt scraps. As time went by I gave up hope of every seeing them. But, at Christmas she sent me a Christmas card and asked if I was still interested. I replied that YES I certainly was still interested. And last week a big box arrived with treasures in it.

The colors and patterns speak volumes, don’t they?

Rail Fence

And in the box was this complete quilt top. As far as I can tell, the majority of it is hand-pieced. And you can see how big this thing is!


A little closer look at the blocks.

Quilt Detail

Look at that sweet little cattywampus corner stone too.

Quilt Cornerstone

I intend to finish these into quilts so that I have this piece of my past (and one that I contributed to as well).

The last of the treats from Sylvia…gummy vampire bats.

Gummy Vampire Bats


Of course, I don’t like licorice, so I just ate the wings off them.

The remains of the day…

Remains of the Day


A Week in Photos

3/7/10 – 3/13/10

Sunday was day 2 of the workshop. I started stitching petals for my three-dimensional flower. Now that I’m done, I’ll cut that yellow thread and the petal will detach from the fabric and I’ll be able to tack it down to my piece to form a flower.


A view of the finished sampler. See all the dimensionality of it? Yes, you can actually peek under Adam’s fig leaf.

Amy's Ten


Week’s Photos

2/21/10 – 2/27/10

So so so tired from Nashville. We got back Monday night (we drove). And I got right up Tuesday morning and went to work.

Sylvia brought these fantastic things to me from Germany. You literally cannot just eat one. OMG they were so good.


And I had to share these fabulous tags that my friend Laurie made. She sent these in her Christmas cards to her friends, but unfortunately mine got returned to her. She delivered them to me personally the last time I saw her. They are just wonderful. Laurie is such a talent.

Blackbird Tags 2

I thought I’d share my necklace that we finished in Nashville. It is a stitched piece that is in a glass pendant frame. Love the red.

Quaker Pendant

Sylvia also presented me with this owl. I named him Claus.



A Week in Photos

2/14/10 – 2/20/10

Photos from Valentine’s Day can be seen here.

On Thursday I headed off for Nashville to attend the Needlework Market with a friend. She asked me to come and help her with her booth.

This license plate in the parking lot gave me a giggle. I knew we were in the right place.


And a woman named Gigi from France, who has an amazing and lovely blog, had this piece displayed. All cross-stitch. It was hanging from one of the walkways overlooking the center area of the hotel.

Gigis Banner

One vendor had antique samplers for sale. So lovely.


And in our room one night we worked on finishing some pieces we had stitched into necklaces.


That’s Sylvia’s pretty piece.



Week in Photos

2/7/10 – 2/13/10

We had snow again. It started during the night.


And continued on throughout the day.




When I woke up the next morning, the world was still blanketed in snow. Such a rare occurence in Texas.


The branches on our trees were so heavy with snow they formed this little enclave. I felt like I was in Narnia. Where’s Mr. Tumnus?



And Eric and I went out to take photos of the snow later in the day. We walked around the park behind our house.












It was so hushed and quiet. It’s one of the things I love about winter.

And Eric made me a snowball.



Kids in Texas do not have sleds. So these were making due with pool floats, inner tubes, a laundry basket and even the cardboard box from a 24 count of beer.



Such a beautiful day. And it was even better because of the walk with my husband.


A Week in Photos

1/31/10 – 2/6/10

Guild night on Tuesday. Kim’s secret stitcher gave her some fun Mardi Gras stuff in her bag.

Mardi Gras

And Kim gave me a scarf she made for me. Isn’t it fantastic??? I’m so in love with it. And she made it skinny like I like too.

Scarf from Kim

I spent Saturday afternoon making sand bags for Eric to use at the studio out of old jeans.

Making Sand Bags

And we had so much fun at the Crystal Palace event, we decided to go to the Dallas Burlesque Festival held at the Texas Theater. So much fun. I loved this performance to Lady Gaga’s “Teeth”. Seriously love that song.

Show Me Your Teeth

And who doesn’t love a good fan routine?