July in Photos

July in Photos

This summer is just zooming by like nobody’s business.  Frankly, July was a rough month.  Started out fine but then it took a nosedive.  My crazy work schedule took over again and a lot of late nights left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Near the end of the month I made some adjustments in my attitude and did my best to start looking at things from a place of gratitude and abundance.  Amazing what a difference that makes.  Two things that have really helped me are the IG posts from @tarotandtea, particularly her daily tarot advice, and Katie O’Keefe’s blog and IG.  I’m loving watching her moving through #intentionalaugust and #mth (making things happen).  Both are two roads to the same destination, a destination of re-engaging with myself and what means most to me.  All a work in progress, but I’m feeling a lot better equipped to deal with the “stuff” that’s going on in my life right now.

So, what adventures did I get up to in July?  It was so nice to have a long weekend for 4th of July, and you can see I celebrated with a fun mani.  I spent a day with some girlfriends over that weekend too – I even baked cookies!  Eric and I opted to not go out to see fireworks, but instead we enjoyed the evening at home and watched some of the specials on tv.

We had lots of rain in July and it actually made for a much cooler summer than we’re used to in Texas.  I love it when it rains, so it’s always a little bonus.

As part of my attitude adjustment, I spent some extra time on myself – nails (of course), some new makeup (eyeliner and powder), dug out my favorite summertime heels (don’t those cherries kill you?), and some summery statement necklaces like my starfish that jingle!  I even went through all the lipstick I have hoarded in my purse.  Amazing what you find in there.

I had a little bit of relaxation time that I spent working on a gift for my Goddaughter (a summery yellow quilt) and catching up on my DVR’d shows, namely the red carpet from the Oscars.  Yes, it was in February.

Eric and I also did something for ourselves, we finally ordered our frame for the photo we printed from our honeymoon so we could hang it over our bed.  The frame is perfect and goes beautifully with the warm tones of the sunset from the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome.  Apologies for the reflection/glare in the photo…but trust me it looks wonderful.  And it allowed us to mark our bedroom as complete on our home improvement list.

So that was July, and we’re already halfway through August so I’d better start thinking about my August in Photos post!


Young and Beautiful


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of The Great Gatsby for a good while.  I couldn’t ask for a better cast, and Baz Luhrmann has directed some of my favorite films including Mouline Rouge.     I’ve been thrilled to see Gastby parties pop up to celebrate the premiere of the film and people are breaking out their best flapper dresses and coupe champagne glasses.

One of the loveliest things I came across were the Tiffany windows, decked out with diamonds, chandeliers  and coupe glasses.


Stunning, aren’t they?


Here is the featured diamond and pearl Savoy headpiece.


I love the Art Deco feel of these.


This one may be my favorite.


I can’t wait to make it to the theatre to see this masterpiece on the big screen.  I know Lurhmann will deliver nothing less than a showpiece, full of all the dazzling glamour and tragedy that the book deserves.


And one of the things I’m most excited about with this film is the Lana del Rey song, Young and Beautiful.  Such an amazing start to summer.


First Days of Spring

Oscar Red Carpet
With the first day of Spring this week, my thoughts turn to clear sunny days and soft colors.  Although this morning is full of thunderstorms and chilly winds.  But, I can indulge in my little piece of Spring right here!  Lately I’ve been catching up on my DVR’d shows, which includes several hours of Red Carpet watching.  Seems the days are gone when I can actually watch things live.  But, what surprised me about this year’s Oscar Red Carpet was the overall softness of the colors.  There were very few bright colors, particularly the emerald green I was expecting to see everywhere.   But there was no lack of gorgeous dresses to choose from, as you can see above.  One of my favorites was Jessica Chastain in that amazing coppery beaded Armani Prive gown.  So many subtle shades.

And Chanel has released their lovely Spring collection of nail lacquers, Printemps Precieux.  You know I normally go in for the dark, vampy colors like Accessoire, but I’m really drawn to Emprise, which is a rosy beige.  Perfect almost nude nail that would go perfectly with a brighter wardobe.  And Fracas, who can resist a pretty, bright pink?  This one will most definitely transition into the summer months.

Chanel Spring 2013
Even Starbucks is celebrating Spring in Japan with their new Sakura line. It even includes cherry blossom macarons (which you know I can’t resist).  It’s too bad that this lovely pink deliciousness won’t be available in the States, but from what I hear the taste (not cherry at all) might not translate to the American palate.  But what fun a pink latte would be (as long as it’s not strawberry, since I’m allergic!).

And I saw a photo on Instagram the other day of the new Coach handbags in Mint.  I can’t resist, such a gorgeous color for Spring.  Too too tempting. Alas, I am on a new handbag hiatus, so no Coach bag for me. But look at those fun tassels too.  Gah!

Coach Bag in Mint
I did have to indulge in my own version of that luxurious mint color though. How do you like my Essie Mint Candy Apple mani this week?  Perfect, huh?  Such a fun color.  I’ve really enjoyed wearing it.

Mint Candy Apple
And how can I resist anything in a bright pretty yellow?  (I can’t) Of course, the J Crew bubble necklaces are almost everywhere these days, but I just love it in yellow.  A fun bright pop of color against a subtle colored top?  Love.  It.

Bubble Necklace

What’s bringing thoughts of Spring to you this week?


Things I Love Thursday: Bond, James Bond

It’s possible, and very likely, that I’ve mentioned my love of James Bond before. So much so that Eric and I recreated a tasty cocktail in honor of Casino Royale.  I grew up watching James Bond films.  The first one my parents introduced me to was Thunderball.  Both of my parents loved Bond movies, and I became instantly enamored with them.  My dad even took me to look at Aston Martins one weekend, so that I could appreciate Bond’s (classic) vehicle of choice in person.  Over the years, there have been many Bonds, some better than others, but I am a particular fan of Daniel Craig as 007.  I love his slightly rough around the edges Bond.

Over the holidays I had the great fortune to get to see Skyfall with a dear friend.  There really is nothing better than seeing a Bond film with a fellow fan.  And I can’t get the Adele theme out of my head.  Perfect choice for the film.  And even better, in honor of the film and the 50th anniversary of Bond, OPI released a gorgeous new polish collection.  How could I resist?

opi-skyfall shades
And I especially love the Skyfall polish that appeared in the film.  Gorgeous color.

Of course you know I couldn’t resist adding some of the Bond polishes (I WANT THEM ALL!) to my collection.  A friend of mine treated me to a set of four of the OPI minis from the collection, and Goldeneye just begged to be first.

I did treat myself to two of the full-size polishes from the collection.  I fell in love with this one, The World is Not Enough.  This is such an interesting color, sometimes grey sometimes pink.  Love it!  (This one was also one of the minis in the four-pack)

It was even a good companion to my red cup!

The next one I tried out was the other full-size polish I purchased, You Only Live Twice.  I did also do a pedicure with this polish, so I got to doubly enjoy it.  This is a gorgeous cherry pink that really was the perfect color for that film’s representation.  I really hated to take this one off.

But, I replaced it with another mini – The Spy Who Loved Me.  Which is a gorgeous red and the perfect polish for our Cocktail and Dessert holiday party.

The only one I have left to try on is Live and Let Die.  It’s the last of the four minis.  Maybe that will have to be my next manicure?  I’d really like to invest in some more of the full size polishes from this collection – they really are all stunning.  I especially want Skyfall, Tomorrow Never Dies, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  But I seriously would love to have them all!  Even the Man With the Golden Gun 18k gold flake.

I’d intended to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace back at the beginning of November while on a little trip I took, but that never materialized.  I’d wanted to see them again before seeing Skyfall, so I’ll just have to settle for watching them now and rewatching Skyfall when it is released on DVD.


A Birthday in Photos

Disco Bicuit mani

An amazing dinner with Eric at Ziziki’s.  I wore a pretty dress.

Pink Pankcakes

A gift of vintage coupe glasses from J.

Starting a new quilt

Afternoon at the movies with Eric seeing Snow White & The Huntsman

Toasting with Rose Regale

Birthday cupcakes from the girls (day of laughter included)

Teal and red earrings made just for me by A.

And also from A. – A Bundt!

It was a fantastic birthday – the best I remember.  I’ll have to remember to take my own advice next year.


Things I Love Thursday: At the Movies

I’ve been working on catching up on my shows on the DVR.  We’re in need of switching out our DVR that’s been acting up, and unfortunately, when we switch out all my recorded shows will be lost.  Sad Panda.  So, I’ve been in a manic show-watching marathon and have finished up Gossip Girl, Grimm, Vampire Diaries, about 80 million hours of Dual Survival and am currently in the process of watching Smash (which I’m loving although I’m only a couple of episodes in).  The problem here is that around about January, when life got complicated, there was very little show watching going on.  So, I had basically an entire season worth of shows plus the Oscars.  Yes, I know they happened in February.  I finally made it through the red carpet shows, but have yet to watch the actual awards (don’t tell me who wins).

So, a couple of nights ago, I started them.  My very very favorite night of the whole year.  And not only am I having to watch them months delayed, but I’m having to watch them in short bursts because I just don’t have three (or four) hours to watch uninterrupted.  But, within the first few moments of the show, I was reminded of why I love them.  Because I love the Movies, with a capital M.  From when I was very young, movies were one of my great loves.  And it’s not just that I love the movies themselves.  I love the movie experience.  I love the trailers, I love the darkened theater, I love the shared experience, I love watching the credits roll and letting it all sink in.  So, the other day when I responded that “I’m always up for seeing a movie”, I wasn’t kidding!

And one of my favorite parts about the award shows (especially the Oscars) is the montage.  Oh I love me a good montage.

Maybe what I love about the montage is that it captures that magic of the movies, those moments that stay with you.

And in watching just the first half hour or so of the Oscars, I was reminded about two enchanting films that I’ve seen over the last several months. The first one, is Hugo (photo at the top of this post). What a fun fun film. And so different from the usual Scorsese fare. Loved this one.

The second film I was recently treated to was Midnight in Paris.

This is another one that is just a delightful film. The kind of movie that makes you smile. If you haven’t seen either of these, you really should!

And there’s a couple of movies I’m looking forward to as well…

The Great Gatsby is being redone. (look at that champagne glass!!!!!!! I’m totally obsessed)  And speaking of champagne, last night a good friend mentioned this new Marie Antoinette film that I simply have to see (since I am also obsessed with all things MA).

So there you have it…my love of the movies.  That I know will be revisited again and again.  And I’m sure I’ll have more to share as I watch the rest of the Oscars.  Maybe this weekend?

And a few things I’m grateful for this week:

  • Making it to book club regardless of a migraine
  • Rain storms on Friday night
  • A last minute invite from a friend and getting together Saturday afternoon
  • Great car insurance and them making it easy for me to file a claim after a car accident
  • Some fun polish showing up in the mail – for free!
  • Getting to see a good friend Tuesday night and giving him a big hug
  • Kitten snuggles

Double Date

Saturday, we got invited to catch a movie with Eric’s friend and the friend’s wife. When he called and asked if we’d be up for a movie, my response “I am ALWAYS up for a movie!”  This couple goes to see a lot of movies, so I was glad when they offered up Savages as a suggestion.  I’d been wanting to see it, but I haven’t made it out to the movies lately.  (There is a LIST of movies I really want to see right now!)  We met them over at the theatre for the 10pm showing.

Like I said, I absolutely love going to the movies, but it’s been a long while since I’ve been able to drag Eric out to one (National Treasure, anyone?)  I just love the whole movie experience ( minus people texting in the theatre – seriously?  what is that about?).  One of the things I love is seeing the trailers.  The two upcoming features that stood out to me were Looper and Tarantino’s The Man with the Iron Fists.

But, back to the movie at hand.  I really enjoyed Savages.  I may have had Tarantino on the brain after seeing that trailer, because after the movie we all agreed that Tarantino should have been the one to make this film.  It just needed a little more something.  But, I always enjoy Salma, and it was interesting to see Blake Lively outside of the Gossip Girl environment.  Although I can’t say that this character was remarkably different.

And it was an interesting little triangle between these three.

Plus I have to hand it to Aaron Johnson.  The image of that tattoo on his hip is forever emblazoned in my mind.  Yowza.

But the film was good and I’m glad we saw it.  It was colorful, it was pretty, I kept expecting to see someone from the cast of Laguna Beach pop up.  All in all a good summer movie.  Plus Eric got his blue raspberry slurpee that he’d been jonesing for, so it was a win win all around.


Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


After finishing my last book club book, I decided to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I’d been holding off on reading it, even though my mom lent me hers with rave reviews, because I knew I was going to need a big chunk of time to read it.  I’d heard from several people that the book takes a long time to hook you, and that I should give it at least 100 pages before giving up.  You can imagine that with that, I was a little leery to even bother.  But, I remembered the rave review of my mom so I dove in.  Within the first few pages, I was hooked.  I wanted to know more.  And that same curiosity drove me to read this every chance I got.

The author really takes you down a lot of twists and turns throughout the book.  It even has what I call, a “false ending”.  That moment when you feel like everything is wrapped up and you’re done, except that you can see you still have a ways to go in the book.  I remember going to see a movie once that had one of those false endings.  What the hell was the name of that movie…IMDB.com, here I come…oh yeah, Disclosure.  That one had a false ending too.  I remember actually gathering up my purse, getting ready for the credits to roll and the lights to come up, and lo and behold, there was like 40 more minutes left of the movie.

Anyway, this book really is excellent and well worth the read.  I suppose I should tell you to give it to page 100 before giving up, since that’s the advice I was given.  But I don’t know that you’ll need it.  I’m really looking forward to reading the next two books, but I think I’ll wait a bit before going back in.  This book was one of those that left you with a lot to think about.  But, so worth a read, it really is.

Not sure how I feel about the new movie coming out, other than I love Daniel Craig.  I might be willing to see the original film though, it is probably relatively true to the book, whereas I’m not sure what Hollywood would do with some of the subject matter.  But, maybe they’ll surprise me.


Thursday Thoughts


I’ve been a little absent here of late. But, you can see I have been making a few changes to the look of my blog too. Not sure I’m entirely happy with it yet, still tweaking.

It’s been crazy busy at work the past few weeks. My brain is tired. I’m tired. And it’s so goddamn hot outside I don’t want to do anything but lie naked under the ceiling fan.

I have been doing some reading (requires very little exertion on my part) and recently finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Need to post about it, but suffice it to say it was so good! Now I’m reading Sookie #3. Fun, requires even less exertion on my part.

It’s getting on to the end of the month and that means that my birthday month is almost here. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my birthday, and will probably discuss further as the time draws near. I’m conflicted as usual.

And, as you saw a couple of posts ago, I did get to see Harry Potter on opening night. So good. So sad to see the final film. I need to read the books again. Perhaps sooner rather than later.

Oh and I finally started watching Downton Abbey. It’s really a wonderful show if you get the chance to see it. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but they are fabulous. I can’t wait to see more.

Anyway, that’s all from me today. I hope to be back more regularly soon.

P.S. The photo is from July 4th, waiting for the fireworks to begin.



The day is finally here.  I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since the first Harry Potter book was published.  And today the last movie is released.  I was horrified the other night when I realized that my book club is meeting tonight.  What about Harry???  But my friend Sherri, who I see all the Harry Potter movies with, agreed to go to a later showing so that I could make my book club and see Harry Potter.  It’s going to be a full night, but I certainly couldn’t miss seeing the movie on opening night.

It’s strange how these books have been such a big part of my life since they came out.  I quote them, I have re-watched the movies countless times, I even name things after the books (case in point, I named a quilt I made with owl fabric “Pigwidgeon”).  And the audiobooks have brought me countless hours of entertainment while making my commute to and from work.  I can’t begin to describe how well-loved these books are.

It’s the end of an era.  But at least I’ll be there tonight.