Fireworks: A Love Story

Eric loves fireworks.  I didn’t grow up thinking they were anything special.  Watching the fireworks with my family was usually from the backseat of the car and never from a prime location.  But going to see fireworks with Eric is something special.  We take chairs, we find a good spot, we set up with our bottles of water and now our cameras.  Eric finds the radio station that is doing a broadcast to go with the show.  

We joke with our fellow firework-goers.  We spend time just talking to each other.  We people watch. 

And when the sun goes down and that first firework lights up the sky, I know that Eric is sharing something special with me.  It’s something he loves.  It’s something I’m slowly learning to love and look forward to. 

I love hearing the kids near us gasp in wonder.  I love hearing songs about America that remind of what this day is really about.  I love seeing the look on Eric’s face while he’s watching the show. 

I love the fact that he’s finally convinced me to actually use a tripod to shoot fireworks.  And I love that I can look at these photos and remember that night that was about family, each other, sharing, and feeling proud to be an American.


2 thoughts on “Fireworks: A Love Story”

  1. I enjoyed catching up on your blog. You have some awesome pictures!! I am definitely going to check out the Brotherhood now.

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