A few weeks ago, I decided to face my fear expand my horizons and go up to the studio to shoot.  We had the opportunity to shoot two Flamenco dancers, which I thought would be really cool.  Since this was the first time I’d ever shot in a studio setting, I was actually kind of surprised I got any shots that were worth looking at. 

It’s a lot harder to take photos of people than it is to take photos of buildings, that’s for sure.  And when you’re shooting dancers, that’s even harder.  I found that I kept getting ahead of my lights and so many of my photos were crap because my lights didn’t fire due to not having enough time to recycle.  Rookie mistake, I guess. 

I really enjoyed myself though and I was so pleased that I actually made myself go.  I think it was worth it to get some different experience under my belt.

I enjoyed seeing their different costumes too, plus we had great music for them to dance to.

Next time, they’re talking about having some belly dancers in, which would be awesome since I used to do that.  There’s also talk of having an aerialist in.  So, lots of potential for future shoots where I can work on my studio photography.

I have to say, it is kind of fun working with a model and seeing their personality come out through the photos. 

A fun evening, and I highly recommend taking in a Flamenco show if you get the opportunity. 


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