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Remember a few days ago when I posted my Flamenco shoot?  And I said that it was really my first foray into shooting models?  Yeah, apparently I was smoking something when I wrote that.  I was digging back through photos and found this folder of shots from August of last year.  ???  Yeah, I don’t know.  You’d think that my memory would be better than that.  Anywho…back in August of last year, Eric and I went with the photo club to the Brooklyn Jazz Café to shoot the body painting event they were having. 

It was a little difficult getting the right settings for this shoot since we were on location, in a bar, with some less than perfect lighting.  Looks good in person, but harder to capture an image. 

But with Eric’s help, I finally got my settings figured out and think I got some good shots.  All of the body painting was really interesting, very well done. 

As you can see, most of the models were inside shadowboxes, each with different lighting. 

And lest you think it was only women being painted, there were paintings of the male sort too.

Along with the shadowbox models, there were other models that were wandering about the crowd and were painted to advertise various liquors. 

It was a fun event, and definitely moved me out of my comfort zone.  Such interesting places this photography thing takes me!


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