Manicures, Polish Hoarding, and Swatchicles

I painted my nails for the first time in several months (horrors, I know) last week.  I had a function to go to and COULD NOT show up with naked nails.  After much deliberation, I decided on my very favorite polish – Chanel Peridot.  The last time I wore this polish it chipped badly within a day or two.  But this time I’ve had a lot more luck with it, and almost a week later it’s still going strong.  This could be because I now have my nails cut super short.  Since taking off the acrylics, my nails are horribly thin and flexible.  I miss my acrylics!  Of course, if I could get my nails to grow strong again, I’d be just as happy with them.  But, anyway, I’m very happy my Peridot is lasting this time.  It really is a gorgeous color, and I’m so glad I gifted it to myself last summer.

It’s been awhile since I purchased new polish too.  Back in May, I was tempted (and caved) by the China Glaze Hunger Games polishes.  It was so hard to narrow down my pile of must-haves, but I ended up with three: Smoke and Ashes, Agro, and Luxe and Lush.

I like Smoke and Ashes, but I wish the subtlety of the color showed up better.  Of course, it looked good with the book I also picked up back in May. I’ll have to see if I can get a better photo when I wear it next time.

And Agro was really beautiful on.  I wish I’d gotten a better photo of it, but you get the idea on the color.

I haven’t tried my Luxe and Lush yet, but I think I may when the Peridot begins showing wear.

And this weekend, I got to take a look through a friend’s swatchicles.  I really love the idea of doing this with my polish stash.  What a great way to compare colors!  I’ll have to think about doing this.  I think the first thing I need to do for sure is get out my polish and do a little organizing.


One thought on “Manicures, Polish Hoarding, and Swatchicles”

  1. Swatchicles! Full of awesome. I need to take my swatch wheels and convert them to swatchicles.

    Have you used the Luxe and Lush? I haven’t yet, but the youngest DD did and said it is fabulous. She’s at a conference and said all the girls have commented to her on it. Forgot to ask what she put it over.

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