The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

A couple of Saturdays ago, the moon was supposedly closer to the Earth than it’s been in twenty years, or something.  So Eric and I set out with our tripods to the park near our house to see if we could get some good photos.  Let me just say, it was a lot of trial and error.  But, I ended up quite pleased with a handful of photos that I got.  The one above was my favorite.  I remember so clearly in high school, whipping out my point and shoot camera to take a photo of the moon when it looked so pretty, only to end up with a photo of some bright speck.  What a difference a camera (and a lens and a tripod makes). 

And of course, my moon photos seemed apropos since I went to see Red Riding Hood at the theatre last week.  Such a great film.  I really enjoyed it, and the cinematography was wonderful.  It reminded me of one of the photos I took February of last year during our big snow.  This was in the same park where we took the moon photos. 

I’m really loving this journey I’m on with photography.  It’s really changing the way I look at things, and maybe my photos may eventually influence how someone else looks at the world.  Hmmm…my what big eyes you have.


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