It’s Friday again, and in keeping with my idea to post some travel photos, I thought I’d post a local location.  Years ago, I had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel St. Germain here in Dallas.  This is an absolutely gorgeous hotel with only seven suites, each one decorated differently.   

As you can see, the rooms are stunning.  And the atmosphere at the hotel is wonderful too.  The night I stayed here, there was a wedding going on downstairs.  I remember laying in that big brass bed and listening to the sounds of Billie Holiday’s “At Last” coming from the reception.  What a wedding that must have been.

I loved the feel of this room, and in the photo below you can even get a peek into the black and white bath.  And as you can probably tell, it’s been long enough ago I was here that my photos were taken with a film camera. 

So, if you’re ever in Dallas and want something different from the regular hotel options, do think about staying here.  It’s also a lovely option for a special occasion, if you are in town. 

Next week I think I may see about sharing some photos from Newport, Rhode Island with you.  Hope you enjoyed this edition of my summer vacation posts!


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