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365 Photo Project

  Way back when, in the spring of 2009, I decided as part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days that I would start a photo project – taking a photo every day for a year.  I figured it would be kind of a cool way to journal a year of my life with photos […]

Bluebird of Happiness

So much has been on my mind lately, and part of what has been on my mind is whether or not to share it publicly? My intention with this blog was to put myself out there, and share my thoughts, my journey, and my passion for all things beautiful and stylish – including design, fashion, […]

My First 5K

For the past two months I’ve been training for my first 5k. I signed up for the training through Weight Watchers as part of their Momentum Challenge this summer. It was a pretty cool deal, you signed up and got to work with a trainer for eight weeks, getting you ready for a 5k at […]

Random Tuesday Thoughts

      On several of the blogs I read, I’ve noticed that there has been an interest in creating a gallery wall to showcase photos and/or art. I wanted to share our gallery wall with you too. When Eric and I first got married and moved into this house, we came to a bit […]

Dallas After Dark

At the end of June, Eric invited me to go on a photo walk around Dallas with a group of Photographers (actual real live Photographers). Although it was hot as anything, I do think it was worth going for the few good shots I got (even with my point and shoot camera). We started off […]

Artful Readings

I am off to book club again tonight, which I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, the book for tonight was less than stellar in my opinion. The book we read for tonight’s selection was Old Masters: A Comedy by Thomas Bernhard. I think the interesting parts of the book could have been slimmed down to […]

Get Into the Groove*

First things first, I need to discuss my 365 photos. I am still taking photos everyday, and I’d like to think I am getting better at it. But, as I may have mentioned previously, the weekly photo overload is not necessarily the best way to highlight my burgeoning talent [ha ha]. Anyway, I decided that […]


Cherry with blossoms by tanakawho, on Flickr You may remember that I recently started a new 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge, and in that post I talked about wanting to finally put that last piece of the puzzle in place – being a healthy weight. So, since it’s been on my mind a lot […]

A Week in Photos

4/19/09 – 4/25/09 This week had some great photos. The first photo of Shiva and Kwan Yin is one of my favorites. After the living room redo, both of these ended up on top of our entertainment center, with my favorite piece of pottery behind them. It’s one of my favorite things to look at […]

A Week in Photos

4/12/09 – 04/18/09 I visited my parents for Easter lunch. Afterwards, my niece had some pretty strawberries. She couldn’t figure out why I wanted to take a picture of them though! (too bad it’s blurry!) My sister brought my mom these pretty tulips. And after lunch my sister and my niece dyed Easter eggs. Monday […]

Another Week of Photos

Photos from 4/5/09 to 4/11/09… You may remember I mentioned this new necklace of mine in a previous post. I love it… and strangely enough, I’m loving this photo of me too! About a month or so ago, my good friend Jennifer came and did a total redo on our living room. I need to […]

A Week Behind

So, I am a week behind in posting my 365 photos, or maybe two weeks behind? It’s all running together these days. What I’m finding is that some days, it is so easy to find things to photograph and the photos are good. Other days, I’m taking a photo at ten o’clock at night of […]

365 Photos

Rain with Leaf As part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days, I decided that I would photograph my journey. I plan to take photos every day for at least the next year, preferably the next 1001 days. I wanted to do this 1) to document and 2) to improve my photography skills. I’ll be […]

101 Things in 1001 Days

In 2006 I set off on a new adventure called 101 Things in 1001 Days. Probably everyone out in blogland has heard of this and already have their own lists by now. My 1001st day was March 17, 2009. I completed 42 of the 101 items on my list. I think 42 is a pretty […]