A Week Behind

Past Celebrations

So, I am a week behind in posting my 365 photos, or maybe two weeks behind? It’s all running together these days. What I’m finding is that some days, it is so easy to find things to photograph and the photos are good. Other days, I’m taking a photo at ten o’clock at night of whatever I can think of just to have it done. Those are often not so good. But I’m learning. And I think that over the past few weeks I’ve definitely taken some good photos. I’m going to keep posting them in this format (one post per week of photos), for now. But, in the future I may change that up a bit. It seems like the photos themselves would be better served in another way. I don’t really have a favorite from the week (March 29th through April 4th), it was a difficult week for photo taking for whatever reason. Just wasn’t feeling it. The photo above is of champagne corks that I’ve saved from some of our special occasions. I’ve put these in my “coming along” French guest bath, that I talked about here.

Fried Apples

On Sunday nights, Eric often makes homemade burgers for dinner. One of the new foods he introduced me to when we got married was fried apples. They are soooo good. Eric made them with our burgers that Sunday night. Fried apples consists of apples, raisins, butter, cinnamon and maybe a little sugar. I’m not sure on the sugar. But they are lovely.


You may remember the Vespers we made for our little James Bond fest. I have another Cocktail post I need to do…boy, I’m behind! I thought this was kind of a cool photo, although dark, of the Vesper with the hookah in the background.


These little pansies were at my Monday night class. My grandma would say “Aren’t their little faces sweet?”. They do remind me a bit of those flowers in Alice in Wonderland. I like the sunlight and shadow on them though.


And this is William. I bought him when our local museum had an Egyptian exhibit here, with pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. William is a replica on an Egyptian faience piece that is in their collection. You can see the original here…since mine is a bit blurry (one of these days I’ll figure out that Macro setting). William sits on my desk at work and adds a bit of color to my days.

So those were my photos from, when was this? March 29th through April 4th. I’ll be back soon with more, since I’m way behind on posting them.


New Towels

It’s been a while since I posted! I’m not sure where January went, but now in February I’m starting to get a little bit of a spring cleaning/organizing/decorating bug. I have a few things in mind, and I’ll be showing you lots of photos of my new projects, although they may be slow going. For now, though, little things are always a pick me up. It’s amazing how small changes can make such a difference. On Saturday, I went out with a friend to some antique shops. It was such fun, and I could kick myself for not bringing my camera. What was I thinking?! While we were out, we stopped in Marshalls, and I picked up a set of towels. Since Christmas, when sweet Eric bought me those new red holiday towels, I’ve been jonesing for a new everyday set.
You can see the previous towels here. The purple towels are leftover from my apartment (in fact I think I have another dark purple set somewhere too maybe?). I slapped them in this guest bath even though they had bleach stains on them. I kept thinking we’ll buy a house soon and I will start fresh in the guest bath there. Well, as I’ve learned in the almost three years we’ve been in this rental house, you have to make your home where you are. So, for $19.99 I purchased myself a little bit of home. The Valentine’s decorations are still out, so just ignore them.
I think the next thing to go is the shower curtain and rug. I’d love to see some black and white toile in here. I have an inspiration photo of a friend’s guest bath that I’m keeping in mind. Hmm….now that I think about it I think I have a little metal Eiffel Tower that would be a cute accessory in here, maybe a black and white photo? Oh the possibilities!

One Last Thing

In my last post, I showed some of the little changes I’d been making around the house in the past few months. I completely forgot to show this lovely. I already have one stitched pieced framed and hanging in the guest bath, and when I finished this one it seemed the perfect place to hang it. This is a design by Blackbird Designs called Their Song. Rather a spring/summery piece, but I’ve enjoyed it since I framed it and hung it here.

I have another piece in mind, also by Blackbird Designs, that I think would look great in our master bedroom.