Cleaning Out My Closet

One of the things I’ve had on my to-do list was to reorganize my closet.  Eric and I share a closet and it is tiny.  And somehow during the winter months it sort of exploded and I’d never gotten it back under control.  So, one of my goals this month was to take care of this closet.  These are the before photos, just to give you an idea.  It wasn’t terrible, but it was making me crazy. 

Part of the problem was that a good portion of my sweaters were stacked up on top of my shoe rack.  Which sort of turned this spot into a catchall for clothes. 

And as I pull out shoes that are in shoe boxes, they kind of go back up on the shelf haphazardly.  The shoes on the floor tend to end up wherever I kick them off. 

So it was clear, something had to be done before I lost my mind.  The first thing I did was pick up another sweater box at The Container Store.  Then I made sure all of my sweaters were clean so that I could put them away for next year.  That one box made a huge difference in my closet. 

As you can see, I can now actually get to the shoes on the top of the shoe rack without having a huge pile of clothes there. 

And I took five minutes and restacked my shoe boxes on top of the shelf.  Now the box that’s missing its top is on the top of the stack, rather than somewhere in the middle which makes the whole stack wonky.  What a concept.  <— sarcasm

And the shoes on the floor have been relegated back to their boxes.  Hopefully they will stay that way. 

It’s amazing what a difference one box and less than an hour’s time makes.  My closet looks so much better, and it’s not making me lose my mind everytime I slide open that door. 

Now I can cross this off my to do list and move onto some other things I need to do around the house.  Eric and I must be nesting, because all of a sudden we keep thinking of projects that need to be done.  Speaking of which, thanks for the compliments on the Patio Project.  We are so pleased with how it turned out!  The next project for me is making a skirt for my craft table in an effort to hide all of my “stuff” underneath it.


A Few Simple Changes

So, over the past few months I’ve been making some small changes around the house. The search for a new house has been slow and frustrating. So, while I would love to be thinking about decorating a new place…this is the one I have. Recently we took a trip to Virginia to visit a friend and her family, and I was extremely inspired by the decor in her home…it was warm, inviting, as well as elegant and classic. I’ve been trying to narrow down my own style and I believe I may be a traditional girl in some cases leaning towards the cottage feel, in some cases leaning toward the British colonial feel. But beneath it all, it is always traditional. I am definitely not modern, definitely not shabby chic. So, I’m going to be exploring some ideas surrounding finding my style in an effort to better define it in my home. But for now, a few simple changes are all I’ve done lately. I do keep looking back at those photos of the office and media room that I posted on here some time ago and cringing. They really look terrible. And I have not given up my plan to really overhaul those two rooms…it just takes time, inspiration, and possibly a bit of money.

So here’s a recap of what I’ve done.
In the master bath, I needed some additional storage, as well as I got tired of looking at that gap under the counter (I’d love some built in drawers here). So, I purchased these two baskets from Michael’s while they were 50% off. They work well for holding extras like Kleenex and toilet paper, cotton balls and Q-tips.
I missed having a windchime hanging outside. I used to have two hanging at my apartment, but when I moved I just never rehung them. After being at my mom’s house and hearing hers I decided I wanted to at least hang one of mine. So, Eric was a sweetie and hung this one for me out on the back porch. This windchime was made for my by my best friend’s brother. I love it.
Eric decided that he wanted to display a few more swords from his collection. We’d talked about hanging this one in the dining room, and finally got around to it. It hangs over the doorway into the kitchen.

We hung this one in the entry way. I believe this is his favorite sword. He has several more that I am considering how to best display them.
The last thing I did around the house was something that had been bothering me since the day we moved in. Or, since the day we decided to purchase our dining room furniture. I have this rather large cat tree monstrosity. The cats love it, but I really don’t want to have to look at it. When we moved in, the piece took up residence in the dining room because we didn’t know where to put it. In my apartment, it was in the living room next to the couch. Well, when we got ready to purchase our dining room furniture, the cat tree had to be moved, so it got moved to the entry. I didn’t really intend to leave it there, because it’s such an eye sore. But, needless to say, two and a half years later it was still there. At the beginning of July, I posted photos of my Fourth of July decorating, including my Stars & Stripes quilt top that I hung on the wall. Well, in that photo you can clearly see the cat tree in the background. One of my commenters (possibly on the other blog – the craft blog), stated “I love people who not ashamed to have a huge cat tree as part of their funiture!” Now, I am sure that the person leaving the comment did not mean anything negative at all in her comment, but it struck a chord with me. I realized that my entryway – the part of my home that is a person’s first impression of our home, is dominated by this huge cat tree! I don’t want that the be my statement piece, if you know what I mean. So, a week or so ago, we were having company and I asked Eric what he thought about moving the tree. He also hates it where it is, but didn’t see any other place to put it…so it had stayed there. We brainstormed and decided that since we already had the media room torn up (due to a leaky ceiling we had moved all of our cds, etc. over to the other side of the room), it would be easy to move it into that room. So, after a bit of maneuvering (I had to move a bookshelf so that the tree would fit through the door), it is now in its new home in the media room.
My entry way is now bright and open. I’d like to place a small table or cabinet here and then use it for seasonal vignettes. I’d also like to hang a photo Eric took of Grand Central Station here. So many possibilities, but for now I like having the open empty entryway as a first impression, rather than the other.

And Romeo seems happy with the move.
The photo at the very top of this post was taken prior to our dinner guest arriving. We recently bought new everyday dishes and I just love that they are all white. We used our wedding crystal as well. It was such a lovely evening, but I was well-pleased with how the table looked too.
I should have a couple more changes to show soon, as well as a discussion on style and trying to define that in my home.

Master Suite

Ok, I promised a look at the upstairs of the house. The second floor houses only our master bedroom and bath. You enter into our bedroom at the top of the stairs. The bedding was a bridal shower gift. Eric had the beautiful print of Venice, which works just perfectly in here I think. The furniture is all my bedroom furniture and is cherry wood. We purchased a second, not matching, bedside table for Eric. I like that it doesn’t match, and it’s a beautiful trefoil-shaped table. The lamp on my bedside table is from Pottery Barn.
To the right of the bed is a chest and a full-length mirror (Cheval mirror?). I dislike having the mirror over here in the corner, because I can’t use it as a full-length mirror, but I didn’t like it anywhere else in the room. I really think it needs to sit in a corner, if possible.
Here’s another look at that wall, and you can see the doorway into the Master Bath.
Since some of these photos were taken, I have hung the wedding quilt that my best friend made for us over the chest of drawers.
Between the door to the bath, and the door back downstairs, I have hung a pewter heart that I gave Eric for Valentine’s Day. I’d like to maybe hang another heart or two here possibly. This wall looks so bare.

On the wall opposite the bed, is a dresser. The dresser does have a mirror, but we’re not using it.
Above the dresser I intend to hang a beautiful cross-stitched piece I am working on. It is of the gardens at Versailles and is done all in silk threads, delica beads and Swarovski crystals. I think it will be exquisite in here. I just need to finish it. The colors in this look a little heavy for this room, but really once the rest of the design is finished, it will have a lighter effect overall.
And in the corner we have a cabinet which holds the TV, stereo, etc. The top shelf also houses three of my Erté sculptures. (The fourth sculpture is on the chest of drawers). I absolutely hate these speakers – they were given to me by the person that blew out my old speakers (the nice, small, black ones). I would really like to replace these monsters!! You can see my bridal portrait is hanging there next to the window on my side of the bed.
On to the Master Bath! There is a skylight in here, which I love, so this room gets a lot of light (not that you can tell from the photos). I wanted to keep the bath light and with very little color. The photos above the tub are from our cruise to the Bahamas, where Eric proposed.
I love mermaids, so this bath gave me the opportunity to put a couple of them in here. The glass vase is from Southern Living at Home, and I’ve filled it with seashells.
The clock is woven seagrass.
I’ve added some accessories in shell.

Here’s the shower and toilet.

More shell accessories.
Another mermaid.
And the view looking back towards the door. In the bathroom, I have one more photo I am waiting on a matt for, to hang and that will be it for this room.
In the bedroom, like I mentioned, I’d like to replace the speakers and hang the Versailles piece. That’s about it. The mirror position and the additional hearts for that wall are not necessities. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tour of upstairs. Next, I’ll show you the guest bath downstairs and then we’ll travel into my two “problem” rooms.