Playlist: Winter White

Winter White

Some things I’m loving…

Winter, and January especially, is all about white or hushed tones and a bit of sparkle.  I have to share something I’d been coveting forever, and finally treated myself to, in December.


This is the Shoshanna Amulet from BaubleBar.  I love love love this necklace so much.  I bought it specifically for our holiday party, but I have worn it all throughout December and January and I’m sure it’s going to be on repeat throughout the rest of this season.

I’ve also been in a huge organizing mode, and one of the things that’s really drawing my focus is my makeup storage.  What I have now isn’t working for me, and I’ve basically used the same storage/organization for years.  I’ve spent some time on Pinterest looking at some different options and I think I have some good ideas to get started with it.


My jewelry organization is definitely in need of a good overhaul too, and I’ve been eyeing this Pottery Barn large jewelry box as a great option.


Of course, the other thing that’s been getting my attention is our home.  The Christmas decorations are packed away and the house is back to normal.  I love love love all the seasonal decorating that fills our home, but come January I am ready for it to be tranquil, peaceful, quiet.  And all that energy of the new year is swirling around, so I’ve been adjusting some things, moving a few things around, organizing our books…those sorts of things.  It feels good.  And while the rest of the year, I am all about color – in January, I long for whites and neutrals.  The trend of turning books with their pages facing out absolutely fills that need right now – plus, I love this photo.


And I’m very excited for the release of the next Cupcakes and Cashmere book, aren’t you?


And of course, I can’t overlook my absolute adoration of the white winter coat.  I want to trade in my black wool coat for something brighter.


My style idol agrees…


Or maybe the palest of pinks?  Loving the pairing with white skinnies too.


And lastly, I had to share…I did something sweet for myself and bought some white peonies for an arrangement next to the bed.  They’ve already made me very happy.  They make me feel very decadent.


What’s on your playlist this week?



July in Photos

July in Photos

This summer is just zooming by like nobody’s business.  Frankly, July was a rough month.  Started out fine but then it took a nosedive.  My crazy work schedule took over again and a lot of late nights left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Near the end of the month I made some adjustments in my attitude and did my best to start looking at things from a place of gratitude and abundance.  Amazing what a difference that makes.  Two things that have really helped me are the IG posts from @tarotandtea, particularly her daily tarot advice, and Katie O’Keefe’s blog and IG.  I’m loving watching her moving through #intentionalaugust and #mth (making things happen).  Both are two roads to the same destination, a destination of re-engaging with myself and what means most to me.  All a work in progress, but I’m feeling a lot better equipped to deal with the “stuff” that’s going on in my life right now.

So, what adventures did I get up to in July?  It was so nice to have a long weekend for 4th of July, and you can see I celebrated with a fun mani.  I spent a day with some girlfriends over that weekend too – I even baked cookies!  Eric and I opted to not go out to see fireworks, but instead we enjoyed the evening at home and watched some of the specials on tv.

We had lots of rain in July and it actually made for a much cooler summer than we’re used to in Texas.  I love it when it rains, so it’s always a little bonus.

As part of my attitude adjustment, I spent some extra time on myself – nails (of course), some new makeup (eyeliner and powder), dug out my favorite summertime heels (don’t those cherries kill you?), and some summery statement necklaces like my starfish that jingle!  I even went through all the lipstick I have hoarded in my purse.  Amazing what you find in there.

I had a little bit of relaxation time that I spent working on a gift for my Goddaughter (a summery yellow quilt) and catching up on my DVR’d shows, namely the red carpet from the Oscars.  Yes, it was in February.

Eric and I also did something for ourselves, we finally ordered our frame for the photo we printed from our honeymoon so we could hang it over our bed.  The frame is perfect and goes beautifully with the warm tones of the sunset from the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome.  Apologies for the reflection/glare in the photo…but trust me it looks wonderful.  And it allowed us to mark our bedroom as complete on our home improvement list.

So that was July, and we’re already halfway through August so I’d better start thinking about my August in Photos post!


Things I Love Thursday: Catching My Eye

Crescent Hotel BH

Today’s TILT post is going to be rather a mishmash of things that are making my heart beat a little faster this week. Last night the photo above of the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills stopped me in my tracks. I’m so completely in love with the hummingbird painting/print above the bed – such an amazing statement piece.  And the pendants on either side of the bed are beautiful as well.  They actually remind me of the lamp I have next to my bed.  Anyway, Eric and I have been working on some changes around the house and desperately need a focal piece over our bed.  I think we’ve settled on one of the photos he took in Rome, but now we need the perfect frame.

I’ve also been looking for a new wallet.  Mine is starting to look a little worse for wear.  I’m loving this patent LV – bringing a little bit of sexy back to my purse.

LV Sarah Wallet Vernis

I’ve been looking at the pave link bracelet trend that I’m seeing everywhere.  Especially fun in colors like pink, teal, emerald!  Lately I’m finding myself drawn to wearing bracelets, so I’m thinking I may need to add a little sparkle into the mix too.

T and J Pink Peonies

I’m obsessed with Moroccan style, as you know, particularly the dramatic rugs.  This one from West Elm was recently featured in Bri Emery’s office makeover.

I just love this rug so much.

West Elm Kasbah Wool Rug

And, per usual, I am way behind on my DVRed shows (still need to watch the Oscars, in fact).  I’ve had a couple of evenings at home and I’ve been catching up on The Carrie Diaries.  Have you seen this show?  Of course, Sex and the City was always near and dear to my heart – particularly as a single girl.  I was skeptical about Carrie Diaries (and still mourning the ending of Gossip Girl), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised!  It’s fun, it’s young, and OMG it’s taking me right back to highschool.  The music, the clothes, my subscription to Interview magazine…so much win.

Carrie Diaries

If you haven’t been watching, you should definitely check it out.

So, that’s just a quick little look into what I’m loving this week.  I’m glad that tomorrow’s Friday and I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to make a little progress on a few projects I’m working on around the house.  I still need to blog about some of the design changes that have been going on at the house too – we’re nearing completion on most of the rooms in the house, which is really satisfying.  So, more to come on that.  Until next time, what’s catching your eye lately?



One of my favorite blogs to read on a regular basis is Young House Love.  Recently, I was inspired by their “Dude, get on that already!” challenge for themselves.  It made me think about what sort of things I have laying around the house that need to be dealt with, or projects that need to be completed.  Those things that just seem to never get done.  So, as my very first “Dude, get on that already!” project, I’d like to share a little something that went on in our bedroom.  Focus – it’s innocent!

Anyway, here’s a photo of what our bedroom used to look like.  One of the things that always bugged us was that we had no headboard for the bed.  But, we’d been holding off buying one, because we figured that we would buy one when we replaced our bedroom furniture…eventually.  Well, six years later almost, here we are.


We bought a headboard!  And it was relatively inexpensive ($100).  It works well in the room and finally gives some definition to the bed.  We had to take down the art we had hanging over the bed, but I was wanting to do that anyway.  I’ll find something else to add back to that space.  I like that the headboard brings out the warm tones in our bed linens too.

And I love that it’s tufted.  It really gives a luxurious feel to the room, with just a little bit of detail.  And on top of everything, I think the headboard met some of our unexpressed wants – we didn’t spend a lot on it, since we’ll probably replace it; and I didn’t have to attempt to make something.  So win-win!

And as an added bonus – I convinced Eric to get rid of our sheets that were wearing out, and pull out these pretty white ones I had tucked away.  I love the lace edging on them.  So, now we’re sleeping in comfort AND I can cross something off our list!


Decorating with Books

Recently I decided that I really needed to get over and start dealing with my storage unit before someone calls Hoarders and blows the whistle.  I’ve been meaning to go through everything there and start getting rid of as much as I can.  I mean, it’s been in storage for years so the majority of it probably isn’t anything I need to keep at this point.  But, my collection of leatherbound books are actually there, and are not anything I want to part with.  I made a deal with myself that if I brought these from storage into the house, I would in return get rid of some books at the house.  Let me tell you, I made the employees at Half Price Books work for their money that day.  I brought in several big shopping bags worth of books to sell.  And as a reward, I now have a good majority of my pretty leatherbound books sitting on the shelves at home.  I was so thrilled at having “rescued” them from storage, that I thought I’d do a post about decorating with books.  Since I’ve already covered Decorating with Quilts, this seemed like another worthy topic. 

You can see in the photo at the top of the post that I’ve used my set of Tales of the Arabian Nights as a backdrop for an Erté sculpture in the deep bookcase in our bedroom.  I love how the gold plays off the deep red of the leather. 

And while those books are acting as more of a decorative element, you can see others that fit well within my bookcases in the living room.  And I’ve also used them in small vignettes throughout the house too.  Here they are with another Erté sculpture on top of a tall chest of drawers. 

And not all the books I decorate with are my nice leatherbound books.  I absolutely love this collection of books on cigar art.  They sit on a shelf next to two decorative cigar boxes, as I’ve shown you in my living room makeover post

The possibilities really are endless, and it’s a great way to actually make use of all those books you’ve got in your library.  A way to add a bit of personality to a room with a well-worn copy of a favorite book, a stack of art books on a table, even a collection on a particular subject.  I’m so thrilled to have my pretty leatherbound books with me at home now, and it was a good compromise to get rid of other books I’m not so in love with to make room for them.


Decorating with Quilts

I’m still on my decorating kick, if you couldn’t tell.  It’s spring, I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV and looking at a lot of design blogs…so I’m nesting.  One of the things that is so important to me in decorating our home is incorporating my creative side.  I create, and I have a love of handmade things, so it’s important to me for that to be reflected in our space.  One of the ways I do this is by layering in quilts.  Quilts to me are a great way  to add texture and warmth to a space.  They can be functional and cozy, like the quilt in the photo above draped over the arm of the sofa.  When we’re watching tv or I’m curled up with a good book, I love having a quilt to snuggle up in.  When it’s something I’ve made with my own hands, it becomes even more special.

Quilts are also a great way to add color and interest to a wall instead of using typical framed art pieces.  This quilt is what pulled together our whole vision for our dining room and I’m thrilled with how it looks on the wall.  It adds some dimension to the space because it’s not flat against the wall, and it picks up the red of our placemats and napkins.  The dining room is really one of my favorite rooms in the house because I love the way it’s all come together.  Both Eric and I are really represented in this room. 

We’ve also used quilts in the Master bedroom.  Another wall quilt, this one a wedding gift hand-quilted by my best friend.  I love that it’s subtle and works with our mostly monochromatic palette.  It adds just a touch of texture against the wall. 

One of the few places where we have color in our neutral bedroom oasis is the quilt stand with a couple of quilts on it.  The red and white quilt is our wedding quilt.  I had our guests sign fabric squares instead of a guest book, writing messages to us if they wanted.  I then sewed them into this quilt.  I love the pop of red in the room, that I’ve picked up in a couple other small accessories.  The quilt behind our wedding quilt is a baby quilt done in 30s repro fabrics.  I like having it in here as a nod to the future. 

I love having quilts sprinkled throughout the house; to curl up under, to add as artwork on the walls, or as visible memory albums (or promises of future memories).  I’m sure I’ll continue making quilts, and they’ll continue to find new places to live in our home – just a little touch of cozy.


A Little Romance

A few months ago, I decided to do a little mixing it up in the bedroom but for some reason never shared the photos. Although, there was a little peek here with the new curtains I installed in here. Anyway, the Valentine’s Day gift I made for Eric was what prompted me to show you the other changes I’d made in here. First off, I really wanted to get some more height on the accessories on this chest of drawers, but hadn’t really figured out how to do it. Of course, the first thing I did was to add the quilt over the chest, which helped a bit. The next thing I did was to bring up some leather bound books from downstairs and begin scattering them about the room. I love the rich feel they bring. I used two of them to add a little height to my Isis sculpture (Erté). I think the color of the books are perfect in here too.
I added some to the cabinet as well. The sculptures looked rather lost in the shelf due to its depth, and I think the books really help that. I’d like to fill in the gap in the middle there, but I ran out of books. I have some more in storage that I need to bring home. And then I can make use of those.
(Those speakers are top on my list to replace…they’ve seen way better days!)
The gold on the spines really works with the gold on the sculptures (more Erté). I also added a couple of books beneath my Harmony Kingdom pieces to give them a little height too. The Harmony Kingdom boxes I have in our bedroom are all Romance Annual pieces. I wanted this to be a place of romance! (Sorry for the blurry pic)
And finally, the pièce de résistance, the gift I made for Eric for Valentine’s Day. This is a piece called, My Everything. At the bottom I put our initials and the year. The frame was a ready-made frame from Joanne’s that contained “art”. I cannibalized it and it worked like it was made for this piece – mat and all. Perfection!

I wanted to hang it on the wall between our bathroom door and the bedroom door, since that wall was looking a bit bare.
Already hanging there was the pewter heart that I gave to Eric two years ago for Valentine’s Day.
I’d love a third piece here, but haven’t landed on the perfect thing. It will come to me. Since taking these photos I’ve also made two additional changes…I added a quilt rack that holds our wedding quilt because I really wanted it out where we could see it and enjoy it. The room is a bit small for that piece, but I’m making it work. I also added a heart-shaped crystal votive holder to my nightstand. It’s a special piece and it had been down in the living room on a bookshelf. When I redid the living room (photos to come), Eric suggested that it move up here. It works perfectly on my nightstand with the other little things I have there – my rosary from Santa Maria Maggiore and the note Eric wrote on our wedding day that came with roses and is now in a frame. I’ll share photos of those two things soon as well. But for now, I feel like our bedroom is looking wonderful. Now on to my next projects – I’m focusing on the office next.

Master Bedroom Curtains

Dilemma: Our lovely and considerate neighbors have a light over their back door that they love to flip on and leave on for day’s on end. That light is bright, yellow, and shines right in our master bedroom window. Although we do have mini blinds in this window, it just doesn’t quite cut out the light. We are also renting this house, so I did not want to invest a large amount of money in a solution to the problem.

Solution: Although Eric was voting for the climb over the fence and deal with the light ourselves solution, I chose to go the route that was less likely to involve the police. Are ya with me on this? So, after careful measurements, we took ourselves to the mecca of inexpensive problem solutions – Target. I bought two panels in this gorgeous gray “raw silk”, that are lined. They were on sale for about $14 each. We bought a tension rod to use in the window by the bed. I felt this was the easiest way to get the curtain as close to the mini blinds as possible and cut out as much light as we could. We purchased a regular curtain rod for the other window (also on sale).

I took the two panels and cut the length down to fit the wide window and then hemmed them. With the remnant fabric, I was able to make a panel for the small arched window. I hated to lose the architecture of that great arched window, but sleep won out. We just hung that panel high enough to cover both the arched portion of the window and the lower portion that is covered by a mini blind.

I love how these turned out, and I am thrilled to not have to attempt to sleep with a spotlight in my eyes!

I’ve made some other changes in this room, as well as in the living room and entry which I hope to show soon! I’m really pleased with my changes!


Master Suite

Ok, I promised a look at the upstairs of the house. The second floor houses only our master bedroom and bath. You enter into our bedroom at the top of the stairs. The bedding was a bridal shower gift. Eric had the beautiful print of Venice, which works just perfectly in here I think. The furniture is all my bedroom furniture and is cherry wood. We purchased a second, not matching, bedside table for Eric. I like that it doesn’t match, and it’s a beautiful trefoil-shaped table. The lamp on my bedside table is from Pottery Barn.
To the right of the bed is a chest and a full-length mirror (Cheval mirror?). I dislike having the mirror over here in the corner, because I can’t use it as a full-length mirror, but I didn’t like it anywhere else in the room. I really think it needs to sit in a corner, if possible.
Here’s another look at that wall, and you can see the doorway into the Master Bath.
Since some of these photos were taken, I have hung the wedding quilt that my best friend made for us over the chest of drawers.
Between the door to the bath, and the door back downstairs, I have hung a pewter heart that I gave Eric for Valentine’s Day. I’d like to maybe hang another heart or two here possibly. This wall looks so bare.

On the wall opposite the bed, is a dresser. The dresser does have a mirror, but we’re not using it.
Above the dresser I intend to hang a beautiful cross-stitched piece I am working on. It is of the gardens at Versailles and is done all in silk threads, delica beads and Swarovski crystals. I think it will be exquisite in here. I just need to finish it. The colors in this look a little heavy for this room, but really once the rest of the design is finished, it will have a lighter effect overall.
And in the corner we have a cabinet which holds the TV, stereo, etc. The top shelf also houses three of my Erté sculptures. (The fourth sculpture is on the chest of drawers). I absolutely hate these speakers – they were given to me by the person that blew out my old speakers (the nice, small, black ones). I would really like to replace these monsters!! You can see my bridal portrait is hanging there next to the window on my side of the bed.
On to the Master Bath! There is a skylight in here, which I love, so this room gets a lot of light (not that you can tell from the photos). I wanted to keep the bath light and with very little color. The photos above the tub are from our cruise to the Bahamas, where Eric proposed.
I love mermaids, so this bath gave me the opportunity to put a couple of them in here. The glass vase is from Southern Living at Home, and I’ve filled it with seashells.
The clock is woven seagrass.
I’ve added some accessories in shell.

Here’s the shower and toilet.

More shell accessories.
Another mermaid.
And the view looking back towards the door. In the bathroom, I have one more photo I am waiting on a matt for, to hang and that will be it for this room.
In the bedroom, like I mentioned, I’d like to replace the speakers and hang the Versailles piece. That’s about it. The mirror position and the additional hearts for that wall are not necessities. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tour of upstairs. Next, I’ll show you the guest bath downstairs and then we’ll travel into my two “problem” rooms.