Vintage Tattoo Style

Yesterday, the subject of tattoos came up in one of the groups I belong to so I thought I’d do a related post. Of course, after posting my new bikini in my last post and getting started on my 101 Things…I’ve got summer on the brain. The Ed Hardy brand by Christian Audigier has really brought back the use of vintage tattoo art into fashion, and in a much more mainstream way than has been seen previously. I love his pieces, including the Eternal Love bikini above. You may recognize this as having been worn by Heidi on The Hills. I’ve also mentioned the Ed Hardy sunglasses here, but I am still wanting a pair.
The Ed Hardy brand uses the typical tattoo iconography of roses, skulls, dragons, snakes, hearts, etc.
This type of tattoo art began as a sailor’s way of documenting the symbolism of a life at sea. The swallow for example, so prevalent in tattoo art, was a way to document that he had sailed over 5,000 nautical miles.
I just recently bought this swallow necklace for myself. Love it!

And you can find cool tattoo stuff at Sailor Jerry’s too. Check out this cool swallow bag.

And I’m loving the jewelry designs by this etsy artist.

Oh, and I can’t forget to show you one of my favorite halters…

Love it!
You can even find amazing retro dresses like the one above, made by Jezebelle. Here’s a closeup view of the fabric, which is also readily available by the yard.

Of course, no one can beat Kat von D for coolness factor.

She’s even designed a line for Sephora.

So, no excuses…now you can add a little vintage tattoo style into your life too!


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