Wardrobe Picks No. 7

I am behind in posting my wardrobe picks from last week. Honestly I was so tired by the end of last week that I just didn’t get around to it. So, I think my picks last week did get a little better overall. I also straightened my hair for the week, so that made for a fun change too.

On Monday, I decided to try out pairing yellow and gray together. I don’t own any clothing that is yellow, so I tried to add it in via my accessories. The pants are actually gray, though they look black in this photo!
The purse is Baby Phat.
My Gianni Bini Viper heels.
And my canary Swarovski crystal necklace (made by me).
Tuesday, I decided to wear a blue twinset that has beaded embroidery at the bottom and my black pinstripe pants. Nine West heels.

And the jewelry…

Wednesday, I tried something different. I have a whole bunch of tops like this (basically one step up from a t-shirt). This type of top is basically what I used to wear everyday in my old job – untucked. So, I tried wearing one of those tops, but tucking it in, pairing it with a pencil skirt and adding my new metallic belt. Belt is from Target. Shoes are Nine West. I think the outfit was pretty successful, and allowed me to dress up a rather casual top.
This is my “feathers” necklace. It’s made up of individual silver “feathers”.
Thursday, I wore a skirt I’ve had for a long time that I just love. It is basically a khaki color background with black, brown and olive accents. I used to have an olive sweater that I wore with this, but that top got way too big. So, I haven’t worn my skirt in a while because I didn’t know what to wear with it. I dug through the back of my closet and found this cowl neck black top that I thought worked well with it. Nine West heels again.
Decided to wear my pearl/diamond jewelry that Eric gave me for Christmas.
Friday, not a great choice. But, as you can probably tell by Friday I am tired and not very creative. Maybe I should pick out my Friday outfit earlier in the week? I wore purple heels with this.

Mystic Topaz jewelry (birthday gift from Eric a few years ago).
So, this week I found a few things that allowed me to try some new things. I am glad I found that black top at the back of my closet. Also glad my belted outfit worked out well too. Back to my normal crazy curly hair next week (well, this week, since I’m behind).

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