One of my most favorite things to do is make lists.  And of course the best kind of list is a wish list.  It’s always fun to dream big, so I thought I’d make a little “Dear Santa, this year I’ve been very good and so I’d love it if you brought me…” list.  So here it is…

I am in desperate need of new perfume, as I blogged about here.

As you’ve seen evidence of here on the blog, I’ve been getting more and more into photography.  I think I’ve outgrown my trusty little point and shoot camera and I’m ready to upgrade to a “real” camera.  The Canon Rebel series seemed to fit better in my hands than the larger body styles.  And I’m excited to start learning more about photography and want to be able to use a camera that allows me a wider range of what I can do with it.  Scary thought though!!

 And I’d love a Kindle.  Yes, it’s a gadget.  Yes, I will still buy and read real books.  But, I want the gadget!  I think it would be fun to have.  Plus I can’t get enough of that song on the commercial.  It makes me happy.  (I’m a sucker for advertising, I know.)

And finally, I’m also in desperate need of a new wallet.  Mine is literally coming apart at the seams.  I’d really love an Louis Vuitton wallet to replace mine.

So there’s my dreaming big wishlist.  But, honestly this year I’m just happy to be done with school and all my certification exams, to be happy and healthy and getting to spend some time with Eric and our families.  Plus, there’s eggnog and chocolate cake balls!

So what’s on your wish list?


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