Worldwide Photo Walk 2010

Since I’ve been posting a bit about my photography, I realized I needed to post about the Worldwide Photo Walk.  Back in July I participated in the WWPW, which is put on every year by Scott Kelby.  This year there were 1112 photo walks across the globe, and 33,497 participants.  Eric and I were members of the group that shot in Uptown Dallas.

I was pretty happy with the photos I took.  I tried to push myself to take a variety of types of photos, as well as to photograph things that maybe not everyone else would choose.

I really enjoyed wandering about with the group and watching the other members choose their shots.

The photo above was one of my final three choices for which one to submit to the contest.  I loved how this one came out.  The blue shutters at the top of the post was another final choice.

I found that I really was drawn to shots of numbers for some reason.  Guess their graphic nature was just calling to me that day.

But my favorite part of the day was over at the DMA.  I have always loved this mosaic.

And here’s the photo I submitted to the contest.  I loved the juxtaposition of nature and industry.

What a great day.  I was so proud of myself for participating.  I’m really happy with my photos and I hope to participate again next year.


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